Free Satellite Radio

The two main satellite radio services in the United States, XM and Sirius, charge a monthly subscription fee, according to the package you select. You can get Free Satellite Radio service from either of the two companies for a limited time. Both the companies have a trial offer for which you can register, and then receive free broadcasts for the alloted time. It is better to register for it on their sites, and receive the channels through your computer, otherwise you will have to spend for the radio. Another way of accessing this free service is when you buy a car. Both the satellite radio companies have a deal with the car manufacturing companies, who install a satellite radio in the car. This radio will come along with a free trial period which is the longest, and lasts for a year.

The internet has opened up a huge opportunity for anyone who wishes to listen to free satellite radio. Apart from the Sirius and XM sites where eventually you have to pay, there are hundreds of other sites who broadcast radio. These sites have deals with various Satellite radio services and provide you with certain channels from these services, which are free of cost. These applications can be downloaded on to your blackberry or computer and you will get unlimited radio streams from thousands of radio stations, on the internet. The iheartradio is one such example. You can listen to more than 350 channels, once you have downloaded the application on to your iPhone, Blackberry or PC. Many of the radio channels available on the internet are as good as a satellite radio channels and many do not have any commercials and you can also request your own songs. What's more is that its all absolutely free. With certain free applications available on the internet you can create your own list of radio stations that you prefer and even get them on your mobile phone.

Another great satellite radio service which is free is the LyngSat network. There are certain, satellite radio channels available for free in the United States through this network. There is the Music Choice Radio, that broadcast more than 40 channels of commercial-free music, and is available through the Galaxy 14 satellite, on the C beam. Another set of music channels are available on the LyngSat network, that is of dmx which is broadcast through the AMC 18 satellite on the C beam. The other services available for free in America on the LynSat network are Bloomberg, 3ABN Radio, Accent Radio Network, Adventist World Raido, Almavision Radio, BYU Radio, C-SPAN Raido, Calvary Chapel Radio, Contact Talk Radio, CNN Radio, CRN, CSN International, EWTN Radio, Family Radio, Global Star, KSRD and many more. All these services are broadcasted through different satellites and available through one network of LyngSat.

The Sirius XM application for iPhone is available for free and there were 1 million downloads in 2 weeks. Although the application is free, you have to pay the subscription fee after the free trial period is over.