FM Satellite Radio:

Radio was invented by Marconi in the 19th century and since then it has undergone a lot of transformations. At first it was used for two way short distance communication. Then it was used for broadcasting purposes. Then it was commercialized. Then the technology used for broadcasting the radio signals changed from analog to digital. Then the coverage and the strength of signals increased with the introduction of satellite radio services. This used geostationary satellites to transmit the radio signals. This also allowed for addition of value added services into radio. Radio signals usually transmit Amplitude Modulated and Frequency Modulated signals.

FM Technology:
FM signals are more popular than AM signals among the listeners. Let’s look at the FM technology. The carrier wave’s frequency is modulated to carry information in it. This is the technology by which the FM signals work. The information specified here is the program content provided by the radio station. FM signals are transmitted in frequency bands called VHF i.e. Very High Frequency bands. While in the case of two way FM communication narrow band is used. The reason for selecting FM signals over AM signal is that it is more robust than AM.FM signals are captured using a device called FM receivers. The user has to tune the receiver until it detects the appropriate FM signal. Satellite radios are similar to ordinary radios but have higher capacity and strength. The reach of ordinary radio signal would be only 40 km but that of a satellite radio signal would be 30000km.they provide crystal clear sound quality as opposed to the noisy ordinary radio transmission. The companies which provide these satellite radio service are XM and Sirius. More recently Worldspace has joined this race. They provide a variety of channels at a reasonable cost. They have even been listed in various exchanges around the world.

Advantages Of  FM Satellite Radio Service:
There are various advantages of a FM Satellite radio service. There would be no or minimal advertisements on the FM Satellite radio service. This is because they get their major revenue through subscriptions and not through ads. Another special feature of this FM Satellite radio service is that every time a song is played out the name of the artist is readout for the listener’s convenience. They are uncensored type of broadcasting. This gives them a very good advantage over its competitors. You can access your FM Satellite radio service through internet by accessing the company’s website. This provides great service when you are on the go. Another advantage with FM Satellite radio service is that you can pay your subscription fee through the net. You can activate any channel that you want in a quick time. it adds to your listed channels in a flash. It even provides for recording the FM Satellite radio service music as mp3 files. This recorded music can be stored and played at any point of time. it adds to your convenience. The FM Satellite radio service is a great service that every person must subscribe to enjoy great uninterrupted music.