Station Name: FM 104.7 KNWJ

Internet Radio stations and Television From: American Samoa

While many parts of the world are experiencing and getting into internet radio and television, American Samoa is also at the forefront of this revolution and with FM 104.7 KNWJ based in the city of Pago Pago, American Samoa is also rightfully in the map of online media.

FM 104.7 KNWJ broadcasts Christian contemporary programmes, and the language used is English. This way, they are able to reach not only the audience in Pago Pago, but also other lovers and enthusiasts of Christian contemporary music and related programmes from all over the world.

As a result, it is easier for FM 104.7 KNWJ to reach an even wider audience through this new media. And with a live transmission, FM 104.7 KNWJ is sure to achieve its goals, even more than it may have imagined. This is particularly due to the large number of Christians all over the world, and with the possibility of tuning in from anywhere in the world, many Christians would most likely listen to FM 104.7 KNWJ.

Moreover, given that the programmes are broadcast in English, it would be expected that a wide majority of listeners are able to understand, and therefore tune in. An advantage of this station is that to listen, it is very simple, since one only needs to launch the station from a computer connected to the internet. In addition, the connection speed is good, which is a welcome aspect in online radio since it helps in improving the quality of transmission.

Once you reach the FM 104.7 KNWJ homepage and log into it, the only thing is to launch the station and start enjoying contemporary Christian programmes. As online radio and television have seen rapid growth, so have audiences become reachable faster over a wider region, and more precisely, anywhere with internet connection.

FM 104.7 KNWJ

Pago Pago

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FM 104.7 KNWJ
FM 104.7 KNWJ - Internet radio station From :: American Samoa
Country/State American Samoa
City Pago Pago
Language English
Speed 16
Sound Mono
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Christian Contemporary
Player Windows Media
Home Page FM 104.7 KNWJ Homepage
ScheduleFM 104.7 KNWJSchedule Not Available
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