Features Of Satellite Radio:

Satellite radio services have been around for quite sometime now. They are similar to ordinary radios but the method of transmission differs. The quality of music played is different too. Satellite radio service provides CD like quality. Incase of satellite radio service the service provider would place a satellite at the geostationary orbit of the earth. The radio signals are sent from the base station to these satellites that send it back to the earth. These transmitted signals cover a huge distance. In ordinary radios the coverage is usually around 40km but in satellite radio it is around 30000km.it provides clean, uninterrupted service. The satellite radio service goes as follows. You first buy a satellite radio service receiver ad then subscribe with the satellite radio service provider. You could subscribe for the channels that you want. There would be variety of channels available at different languages. There would be dedicated channels for comedy, music, news; sports etc. then there would be channels that provide wholesome entertainment by combining all these programs. Now let’s go back to the person who is cruising along the high way and wanting to know about his baseball match. Let’s consider that he has bought a world satellite radio service. He now tunes his satellite radio for his favorite channel to know about the match but he finds that the channel provides only the updates on the match and not the commentary. The next thing that he could do is to use his mobile and access the net. Using it he could go to the satellite radio service provider’s website and subscribe for his favorite sports channel. Now within a few seconds his request gets approved and he could hear the commentary of the match.