Station Name: Dubai 92

Internet Radio stations and Television From: United Arab Emirates

Dubai 92 from United Arab Emirates is a station with a class. It is a unique station that derives its promises. For many years, it has been voted as the best within the entertainment field. Just recently, the station scooped the best presenter award. It shows that the top cream is right here when it comes to presenters in the radio station field. What about you tuning in and trying it. This station never disappoints in programming. It moves with seasons.

Dubai 92 from United Arab Emirates has some classical features especially as the seasons change. The festive season is a time when you do not want to miss the station’s programs. It is when many advertisers have found solace and they are dearly investing to have their products advertised to you. You have a better chance of getting the best in advertisements and learn more on where to get great products within the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai 92 from United Arab Emirates can be listened to online. Pop in and enjoy the tranquillest music played from the other end. It is all categorical in the music selection. They have a wide database that enables them to play your request. Unlike any other online connection, the station’s website is simple to use

The best thing that is great and promising is the social networking that this station gives you. Are you are member of either twitter or face book? If you are, then you can easily join the group Dubai 92. This is a social networking group where you share a lot with the rest of the community on all topics. Get a chance of talking to the celebrity of your choice once you follow Dubai 92 from United Arab Emirates on these social networks

Dubai 92

Abu Dhabi

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Dubai 92
Dubai 92 - Internet radio station From :: United Arab Emirates
Country/State United Arab Emirates
City Dubai
Language Arabic
Speed 20
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Top 40
Player Windows Media
Home Page Dubai 92 Homepage
ScheduleDubai 92Schedule Not Available
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