Dr Radio Sirius

Sirius satellite radio is the leading satellite radio service provider in the United States and very popular for its excellent programming content. There are over 120 channels broadcasted by Sirius and they cover music, sports, entertainment, talk and news. These channels are geared to provide you with the best entertainment and the latest information on different topics.

Among the fantastic line up of channels there is Channel 114 which is called Doctor Radio. This is the most comprehensive channel on medicine and doctors, and there are a whole panel of respected doctors with whom people can talk on their shows. There are also shows with guest host physicians and medical experts from around the world. The main panel of doctors who host the different shows are from NYU Langone Medical Center, and they will answer all your questions and explain medical terms and procedures in easy to understand, everyday language.

Dr. Radio Sirius, has many different shows and they cover all the possible categories in medicine and healing. Every Monday between 6 and 8 pm there is the, Sports Medicine And Orthopaedics show. The show is hosted by two renowned doctors who treat professional athletes; Dr. Nader Paksima and Dr. Ramesh Gidumal. In this show, you will get an in-depth look at ligament strains, meniscus tears and all that is concerned with the bones, joints and muscles.

Dr. Radio Sirius has a very popular program on Psychiatry, and it deals with all problems concerned with stress, relationships and other mental disorders. You can question the host psychiatrists, Dolores Malaspina and Michael Aronoff with your problems, and the show is every Tuesday from 12pm to 2pm.

Today the most talked about topic is Nutrition, and there is a show Dr. Radio Sirius, every Friday between 12 and 2pm, hosted by, Samantha Heller who is a physiologist and also a dietician. She will reveal the truth behind all the latest fads and diets, and give you the real picture of the important nutritional supplements that are required. The program is full of practical tips and guidelines which you can follow to live a health life, and prevent medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

There is a new show by Dr. Jonathan Whiteson, every Monday between 6 and 8am which talks about Rehabilitative Medicine. The program covers everything from a cardiac rehab to arthritis physical therapy and joint pains. The program is geared towards making you feel better, in the shortest possible time.

Dr. Radio Sirius, has other important programs as well, that cover topics like plastic surgery, pulmonary problems, heart problems, sexual health, pediatrics, emergency medicines, dermatology, and heart health. There are exclusive programs that cover health problems in men, women, children and adolescents. There is a new show that is going to be aired soon and it is called The Dean's List. Dr. Andrew Brotman who is the Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs and Strategy, Chief Clinical Officer and a professor of Psychiatry, will give a broad picture of healthcare and medicine, and a look at the latest technologies in the world of medicine.