Download Sirius Radio

Sirius satellite radio service has become very popular, due to its excellent programming content and  digital quality audio reception. With over 120 channels Sirius brings to you the best in music, sports, news, talk and entertainment. The 69 music channels stream every possible genre of music, including Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Country, Jazz, Classical, Latin, Dance, Christian and International. Entertaining has been the forte of Sirius radio, and it includes channels like Radio Disney, Kid's Place, E! Entertainment and also few channels devoted to different types of comedy. The talk shows on Sirius Radio are very popular and you will get to hear famous personalities like Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey and more. Sport channels, bring to you the best coverage of all the popular games like NBA, NFL, NASCAR, NHL, Soccer, PGA Tour, Horse racing and College sports. There are also channels which give you weather and traffic news of all the major cities in the United States. The other news channels cover the news from around the globe and in the country, and they are the most trusted names like CNN, BBC, CNBC, Fox News, Bloomberg and more.

The overwhelming popularity of their radio service, has prompted Sirius to start Sirius Internet Radio as well. You will be able to hear all the commercial-free music channels and also the others, except a few of the sports, news and entertainment channels, due to licensing restrictions. Sirius has upgraded their Internet Radio service, and is now available in near CD-quality sound of 128K. This service is no longer available free, along with the regular subscription. There is a small fee for people who are already subscribing to the regular satellite radio service. You can also get an exclusive online-only subscription for Sirius Internet Radio.

To listen to Sirius Internet Radio, you can Download Sirius Radio, which is available for free on the internet. There are many different types of radios available for downloading and all are free. The Sirius Player 1.0 is one such radio available for download, and is 599KB in size. It works with any of the Windows operating system, and is developed by PGH Design. After installing the player you just need to launch the program and login to your subscriber account and start enjoying the different channels. You do not have to connect to with your browser or any such long procedure. You just launch the Sirius Player 1.0 and login, and you are done. This fast and simple player sits in your system tray when it is minimised. This player has good graphics and all the information is well laid out in the window of the program. There is a graphical representation of a radio player with the Play, Stop and Volume functions, and the display shows the channel number and name. Next to it is a window which shows the last 5 songs that you have heard. There is a channel selector window which is well laid out with the category, sub-category, channel number and channel name.