Digital satellite radio

Everyone likes to listen to their favorite music during their leisure time. In that case satellite radio plays a major role. Satellite radio is otherwise called as digital satellite radio; conventional radio uses analog transmission while in satellite radio, digital transmission plays a crucial role. Satellite radio is very handy and portable, so everyone can easily carry their satellite radio in car, office or even to other places apart from their home town. Even though users travel too far from their home town satellite radio can work well compared to the conventional radio. There is no loss in music quality at any cause. The satellite radio can work around the globe
Satellite radio has other name called subscription radio, user has to pay some small amount of fees either monthly or yearly to get subscribed to online radio service through satellite.  The communication established through satellite which is placed above the earth, the satellite is called as communication satellite. The communication satellite helps to transmit signal around the globe with wide geographical range than traditional conventional radio signals.
On the earth surface there is a base station which helps to transmit signal to the satellite placed above the earth. The signal from the radio station reaches the base station. The base station modulates the received signal with the high frequency carrier wave, so the signal can reach the satellite with the help of carrier wave, the uplink frequency used to send data from base station to the satellite around 6 GHZ where the downlink frequency around 3GHZ used to receive the signal from satellite to satellite radio receiver on earth surface. The satellite radio has an inbuilt decoder to decode the received signal; the received analog signal is converted into digital signal and sent to the speaker. The speaker can read the digital format and give a clear crystal sound. Since the data travel from earth surface to satellite placed above the earth, again travelling from the satellite to earth, i.e. twice the time from earth to the satellite so there may be some delay in sending and receiving signal. The delay will come around 3ms, but the clear crystal sound and various functions available with the online satellite radio over comes the drawback.
Sirius is a famous digital online satellite radio manufacturer in producing digital satellite radio; there are various companies available in United States but Sirius, pioneer, Xm are the major market share holders in selling online digital satellite radio. Monthly fees for digital satellite radio vary from 10$ to 20$ depend upon the quality and frequency allocated by the government, where as traditional frequency modulation or amplitude modulation don’t have  any monthly fees. Digital satellite radio is famous because of its portability and mobility. The sound quality in digital satellite radio is very high from 32Kbps to 64Kbps where as in traditional FM/AM the data rate of music varies from 8Kbps to 12Kbps. Soon tradition FM/AM gets extinct and digital satellite occupy that FM/AM place,