Delphi satellite radio

Delphi plays the leading role in satellite radio technology by being the supplier of total components required for vehicles that are compatible with both the broadcast formats. Both XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite radio got its license from Delphi.

What does it have?

A typical Delphi satellite radio contains an antenna, user interface and a receiver which can be integrated into the radio. These receivers enable the listeners to view the artists, song details etc. This is made possible by transmitting test along with data. Thus users can very easily keep track of the song!


The satellite broadcast receiver of Delphi system has the advantage of being small and compact. It provides a good packaging facility and is text capable! The signal reception is at 2.3 GHz frequency. The system is also compatible with multiple vehicle Bus structure.

Why choose Delphi?

Delphi Satellite radio has compatibility with both the broadcast providers. This makes the user to choose their own provider according to their choice. The main advantage with the Delphi system is its expertise in integration. Delphi provides a total system solution and one needn’t depend on various other devices for their needs. Delphi is simply regarded as an ‘all-in-all system’. The digital quality music provided by it makes the user to tap their feet for the tunes! The system also has good programming ability which makes it immensely popular. Another important feature of Delphi system is its wide choices of programs. Lovers of classical and western can find their favorite songs. It offers a plethora of listening options ranging from Rock to Jazz. Local News and sports channel can also be easily tuned! Any user is often concerned with the subscription fee they need to pay for a channel. Delphi Satellite Radios provide many commercial free channels which relaxes the user from paying heavy subscription bills. Listener tends to get annoyed during any signal interruptions. This makes them miss many interesting things in the show. Delphi solves this problem by assuring program continuity to its listeners. One can find continuous music even during travel from one coast to another! The Satellite system has a wide footprint which gives good continuity for the listeners. The probability of driving out of a channel’s range is almost made zero. Delphi also takes the pride of enabling enhanced data services. All these features improve the quality of Delphi!

Delphi’s launch:

Delphi has launched its satellite radio along with XM Radio. Delphi’s upcoming release is the SkyFi3 portable. It has created a huge hype in the market. And has a microSD slot which allows users to store 500 songs and allows 10 hours of XM programming. The replay feature allows one to hear songs that were aired 5 minutes back! This feature makes the user happy! The microSD slot makes Delphi to become the first radio with removable storage. One could even hear their favorite numbers while packing suitcases! It also allows the users to tag the songs which can be used later for downloading purposes.