Delphi Satellite Radio

Delphi is a well-known name in the radio manufacturing industry, and is making satellite radios for both XM and Sirius Satellite Radio services. The company has placed millions of models and units in the marketplace. The usual Delphi Satellite Radio system comes as a package and has most of the components for an easy installation, like the antenna, connecting cables and certain mounting equipment.  Their radios are superior in design and will give a high fidelity digital audio output.

The Delphi Satellite Radio, MyFi XM2GO is a portable model which receives XM programming. This is one of the most sophisticated portable satellite radio in the market and it comes as a package with everything you need to listen to it, at home, in your vehicle or on the go. The most important part of any satellite radio is the antenna, and this radio package contains four antennas. If you see the items that come along in the package you will be truly amazed. There is an antenna which can be clipped on, a vehicle kit with an antenna, one headphone, a home docking kit with an antenna and audio cable, a stand, a carrying case that will protect your radio, a wireless remote control, and a couple of user manuals, which will let you install this device quickly and effortlessly.

This Delphi Satellite Radio is the ultimate in portability. The supplied docking kits will integrate this radio with your home and car stereos. With the clip-on antenna and the built-in antenna you can listen to XM programming on the go and carry the radio on your belt with the convenient belt clip. There is an easy to read six-line LCD display which will make browsing XM's programming very easy. With the controls on the front panel you can browse by a channel, category or by your favourites. The radio allows you to 30 presets of you favourite channels. The memo button lets you store data about your 20 favourite song and artistes. This data can be used to recall the information or let the radio alert you whenever the song or artist is playing on any of the channels.

The Delphi Satellite Radio, MyFi XM2GO, has an on-board memory that lets you record live XM programming, for at least 5 hours. You can also schedule a recording, and a new recording will pick up from where you left last. Once the memory is full it will start recording from top, over the earlier material. The radio does not allow you erase parts of what you have recorded. There are functions which you can configure, by which the LCD screen will display stock prices, or let you know the score of your favourite sports team. While you are listening to a channel, you can browse the other channels, without disturbing what you are listening. When you are playing a recording of the live radio, it allows you to skip songs which you may not want to listen. The overall set up of the controls is very simple and you can easily control all the features of this radio.