Compare Satellite Radio

There has been always a debate between satellite radio and other conventional radio systems. Satellite radios are a result of technological growth and are often adored by the drivers for its uninterrupted service. Every technology has its own pros and cons. If there are one set of users adoring the satellite radio, there are definitely other set of customers for the other conventional radio systems.

Satellite Radio
The working principle of satellite radios is very similar to that of satellite television. There are lots of satellite radio providers like Sirius or XM and satellites are used for the broad casting purpose. One requires special equipments to receive the signals and this may incur additional costs for switches. One may be forced to decide the provider before using the system as this does not have cross-compatibility between the providers. Adapter   kits can be used to add satellite radio to the current receivers. The music quality is as good as the conventional FM. The satellite radio demands a subscription fee for the channels and has wide variety of programs ranging from classical to western. Satellite radios are available for both the vehicles and home.

Digital Radios 
Digital Radios are similar to satellite radios and are digital in nature. It is a land based system and is carried on the same frequency as the traditional radio station. It is the hybrid arrangement that makes the digital radio to hear to the digital broadcasts! The system is still in its development stage. In order to migrate to the digital music, it is required for the customers to get digital receivers. Digital receivers have enhanced features like displaying the artist’s song, title etc and also display commercial information which is made possible by the ability of carrying text data. It is possible to receive sports, news, and local weather in text or audio format.

Conventional Radios

Conventional Radios are based on simple mechanism of modulation which has been there in the market for long time. The devices involved in satellite radio are rather simple and cheap. Online channels are available in the internet for free of cost. One may be restricted to boundary constraints when listening to FM radios and it may be disadvantageous for the travelers. The channels can be availed at a free of cost and it provides all local information for the listeners. This is more suitable for home listening.

Getting into comparison

There are lots of differences between the satellite systems and other conventional systems. The first difference is the area of coverage .Satellite systems provides a wide coverage while only local coverage is possible with conventional systems. One needs to provide a subscription rate for getting the channels while it conventional systems can be accessed easily online. The main advantage of satellite systems is its uninterrupted broadcasting which the conventional systems lack. The satellite systems offer wide range of programming according to the listener’s choice which the conventional systems lack.
Satellite radios are no doubt the best listening device during travel!