Cheap Sirius Radios

Sirius satellite radio service has over 18 million subscribers and the subscriber base is still steadily growing. Their popularity is due to their superior programming and excellent reception. This popularity has caused a steady demand for Sirius satellite radios in the market. There are now hundreds of different models available, made by various well-known manufacturers. Usually the price of a satellite radio will range from around $50 to $300 and more. Any models that you can get for below $50 can be considered Cheap Sirius Radios, and they too are available in the market. There are many online stores that offer great discounts and you need to search for these deals in these stores. When a customer returns a radio, for whatever reason the company can no longer sell it as a new product, and it undergoes repair or renovation and is sold as a refurbished product at a lower price.  There is also a big market for refurbished radios, that are sold at a much cheaper rate than a new radio, and you can find them at many online stores.

Sirius Specials is a popular online store, which categorizes the featured radios according to their prices. They have a section for radios below $49.99, and the Sirius InV2 radio with car kit is available for $39.99. This complete package includes the radio, a dash mount, power adapter, a magnetic mount satellite antenna and a FM extender antenna. This radio is very compact and can easily be mounted on the dash with the supplied mount. It has a single line display, and it is quite easy to read as the fonts are quite big and in orange color. The push-button interface makes it very easy to navigate the different channels, while you are driving. It has a built-in FM transmitter that will transmit the Sirius stream on to your FM radio on an unused frequency. The InV2 also has a stereo audio output which can be connected to your vehicle's head unit. You can preset 6 of your favourite Sirius channels, and also there is a preset function for storing the best FM channels that you receive in your area. The radio has parental controls by which you can lock and unlock the required channels. 

You can also find Cheap Sirius Radios on Amazon and ebay. They sometimes have many discounted products which are very cheap compared to the same models available in other online stores. For example the Xact Communications XTR3CK Sirius Plug-and-Play Radio with vehicle Kit is available on Amazon for only $34.95, while its original price is $79.75 on other online stores.  This radio has a single line, 16-character scrolling display, which can be flipped when mounting the radio on a sun visor. This will give you information like channel number and name, song title and artist name. The radio has 36 channel preset capacity and you can easily navigate these channels with the rotary encoder knob. The stereo line level audio outputs on the radio lets you connect to your vehicle's head unit.