Station Name: CCTV 8

Internet Radio stations and Television From: China

Perhaps you have always been searching for the right television channel to watch your favorite Chinese drama with mixed results, but not any more. The chief provider and broadcaster of Chinese Drama on TV is CCTV-8, a network in the People’s Republic of China. The China Central Television in its entirety has revolutionized the entire TV watching marvel in China, not only in the line of content but also in terms of categorizing and availing the programs in ways that will suit the needs of the different audiences.

This is because they have realized the need for structured specialization and stratification of programming, Rather than be bored waiting for the many news items and others shows that make many other TV stations for your favorite Drama, Movie or Sports, CCTV has different channels handling each of these areas of specialization. If you are a lover of Sports, you have your channel to tune in and not to wait until a significant amount of news reading time has elapsed. In this breath, CCTV-8 was coined to serve the needs of the Chinese population that was into drama, and rather than wait for other programming to commence before the drama, you can watch one after the other in the same channel.

The channel serves the people of China mostly but due to the highly acclaimed Chinese dramas and quality programming, there has been a demand of the Chinese content in the Diaspora, and this has prompted the station to be offered online. More than ever before you can access the drama channel online, where you get the programs as structured in the local TV portal in Beijing. It is a great way to enter into the world of Chinese drama even if you are not within the People's Republic.



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CCTV 8 - Online TV channel From :: China
Country/State China
City Pequin
Language Chinese
Speed 900
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand Live
Station type General Station
Player Windows Media
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