Station Name: CCTV 5

Internet Radio stations and Television From: China

With the changing trends in the television world, there is the interest on different categories of local content in every area of the world today, from movies, news, drama, music to sports. In this regard, the People's Republic of China has been able to stratify this and come up with a solution for its emerging and huge number of television audience. Through the China Central Television channels, the republic has been able to categorize the different channels serving the Chinese population, in China and around the world.

The channels all broadcast different content, and satisfy distinct segment of the population. Thus, CCTV-6 is one of the channels of the CCTV Network, where it specializes in movies only. There is a huge interest for movies in every population everywhere around the world. In China, this is a great franchise in terms of interest and investment, since the Republic has a prolific and flourishing movie industry, where there are many Chinese movie stars as the United States has, and equally well known over the years, more so during the golden age of Kungfu and Wushu, the traditional Chinese art.

With more than 19 channels, each broadcasting distinct programs and features, it is accessible to more than a billion viewers. The need for the Chinese movies across the world, not only for the Chinese in the Diaspora but for many other non-Chinese speakers across the seven continents has spearheaded the growth of the movie Channel and viewing online. The online streaming of programs has enabled many to watch the same content in China as those in the Republic are watching, and with as basic a player as windows media, you can access the movie channel, CCTV-6, today.



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CCTV 5 - Online TV channel From :: China
Country/State China
City Pequin
Language Chinese
Speed 300
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Sports
Player Windows Media
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