Station Name: Canal Cuatro

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Colombia

Cana Cuatro is a Television Station in the city of Bogota, capital of Colombia. Ultimately, the Canal Cuatro is a TV Network that has its roots from Spain and covers powered television entertainment. It opened its transmission doors in 2005 November and its homepage site is administered and presented in the Spanish language.

If you are a fan of Spanish media and content, there is no way you can ignore Canal Cuatro, since it is a license to great entertainment not only for the locals in Bogota or entire Colombia, but largely across the Latino nations and anywhere the Spanish language is used. The station offers countless entertainment in a package that if it does not delight, it baffles many as a result of the ingenious in terms of choice.

 Also, as you watch what you have selected from this channel, you have a chance to share and chat with other fans on the station online as you make the kind of choice from this cultural station, from news, programs to other types of entertainment. From the Canal Cuatro in Cali, Bogota you hardly need a lot to begin enjoying the station's programming right away. You only need a speed of about 150 and you have the chance to go live with Canal Cuatro.

 The players you might need are generally, Winamp and Quick Time, although you can always try others. The complete station schedule that gives you a clear picture of the kind of things that are laid before you is also accessible online, and you even have the option to choose what you have in mind. If you are learning Spanish and you would like a community to learn along with, perhaps Canal Cuatro is your destination.  Launch the station now and feel the real greatness of pure, crystal and rejuvenated entertainment.

Canal Cuatro


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Canal Cuatro
Canal Cuatro - Online TV channel From :: Colombia
Country/State Colombia
City Cali
Language Spanish
Speed 150
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Cultural
Player Winamp /Quick Time / Other
Home Page Canal Cuatro Homepage
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