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Internet Radio stations and Television From: Algeria

Canal Algerie is an Algerian radio station that broadcasts from the Algerian capital of Algiers. All broadcasts conducted partly in Arabic and partly in French. The government owns canal Algiere and many people in this country think that there is a lot of censorship on the news that come from the broadcaster’s newsrooms. However, everyone here seems to have gotten used to the fact that all news have to start with a picture of Algerian president, Bouteflika’s picture.

Speed 100 is the scale that describes the station’s transmission efficiency. One good thing about it is that you can get broadcasts live whenever you are online. The general station is a source of a very wide variety of news, commentary, information, entertainment and cultural enlightenment programs.

Livestream is available in any corner of the world. You need to check Canal Algerie’s program schedules in order to find out which stations to prioritize on once you start listening online. Claims of manipulation of the station by the government have been vehemently denied by Bouteflika’s administration.

It is not easy to speak about the issues that Canal Algiere addresses without having to talk about the social and economic status of this country. The issues that seem to be most controversial are those involving national consciousness, education and democracy. Many people feel that the government should do more to educate people on the need for education. This people express their voices mainly through Canal Algiere.

It is surprising that quite a large number of Algerians feel that this radio, in its present format, is the best tool they can use in order to conserve their culture as well as guard it from being eroded by western movies, rap music, soap operas and fashion trends that they consider very alien. Meanwhile, Canal Algiere continues to broadcast as usual, even as more and more Algerians continue consulting on whether this and that program should have highlighted this issue or that.

Canal Algerie


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Canal Algerie
Canal Algerie - Online TV channel From :: Algeria
Country/State Algeria
City Algiers
Language Algerian
Speed 100
Sound Mono
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand Live
Station type General Station
Player Windows Media
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