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Argentina Canal 9 from Buenos Aires, Argentina is a TV station that offers general entertainment programs in the form of news, soap operas, movies, talk shows and reality shows.

This is the first television to be in the hands of a private owner in Argentina. The first broadcast was made in July 1960. During that year, some part of ownership was in the hands of foreign companies. The station was a broadcasting proxy for CBS, NBC and ABC, all off them from America.

The first manager of this station was Alejandro Romay, the man who owned Radio Libertad. In 1964, he managed to acquire stocks that had been in the hands of foreigners. For the first time, a TV station in Argentina was being run using Argentine capital only.

As Juan Perón's third term wearied on in 1974, the dictator’s government seized the station. It remained in the hands of the government throughout the reign of the military regime. Re-privatization efforts bore fruits in 1984. Once again Romay become the owner of the TV. This man’s long-term position as the owner of the station made him one of the most important figures in Argentine media landscape.

The station adopted the name “Canal 9 Libertad” after re-privatization. For Romay, new nickname that he acquired was “the Television Czar”. Canal 9 was bought by Prime Television, an Australian media company. After this change of ownership, its corporate image was branded. Canal 9 now became Azul Television.

Ownership changed hands again in that same year, with Telefonica now coming into the spotlight. This is the company that already owned Tefefe, one of Azul’s fiercest rivals. In yet another change of ownership, Azul Televisión, in 2002 became the property of Daniel Hadad, a very prominent media businessman. It is not until 2007 that he sold it to Miguel Angel Gonzalez, a Mexican investor.

Canal 9 Argentina

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Canal 9 Argentina
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