Station Name: Canal 15 Universidad de Costa Rica

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Costa Rica

Canal 25 Universidad de Costa Rica is a Television station from Costa Rica and transmissions are based in the city of San Jose. The language is overtly Spanish and with a reliable Internet connection and a good PC or laptop, you might be watching the station from the comfort of wherever you might be. Internet television broadcasts have given the world to watch their favorite TV shows and other programs without even getting out of bed.

It is a religious station that holds the view that since the culture of the people does affect the relationship with the government, the station aims at filling all the gaps of morality as well as forming and maintaining all the Costa Rica values. The programming is designed exactly for television and to all the people who might be involved in it. If you can access a speed of 300 you can access Canal 15 Universidad de Costa Rica, and learn how the morals of the land are strengthened as well as how well you can improve your own values as well as those of the society.

The sound is stereo while the TV station's ideals are all about programming to inform. Since the programming demands of the station are low, you have a chance to access the station and all its other services that are also many. It is a widely viewed station from the locals using UHF signals, cable and the internet. It is a University Channel that offers educational stuff and cultural from the University of Cost Rica productions. It makes use of creativity and knowledge as well as responsibility through its productions, making it is not only a national station but also a media that is accessed internationally. There are content to be viewed on movies, music, culture, nature and benefits there in as well as other content.

Canal 15 Universidad de Costa Rica

San Jose

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Canal 15 Universidad de Costa Rica
Canal 15 Universidad de Costa Rica - Online TV channel From :: Costa Rica
Country/State Costa Rica
City San Jose
Language Spanish
Speed 300
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Religious
Player Winamp /Quick Time / Other
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