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Canal 13 from Buenos Aires, Argentina is a television that broadcasts all over the country. This station broadcast for the first time in 1960. At that time, the station was owned by Proartel, which is jointly owned by CBS, Cuban Goar Mestre and Time Life. Today, this station is a flagship broadcaster in a group of many stations, which are closely related to each other.

Some of the greatest hits to have ever come from Argentina were produced in this station. There are many video shows that are worth mentioning here, including Viendo a Biondi and La Familia Falcon. La Tuerca was based on pictures in order to bring about humor. Then the greatest production and broadcasting success is perhaps Telecataplum whose characters were comedians from Uruguay.

Canal 3 was nationalized in 1973 by the government of Juan Domingo. Some other two stations which had been privately owned were also nationalized. The main goal of the nationalization policy was to continue with the European standards as they related to broadcasting and general media practices.

The television operated as a monopoly until 1973. During this period, National Reorganization Process, a dictatorial policy was being adhered to. When democratic governance resumed, the station was put back in the arms of public administration. This continued until 1989. The most memorable program of this era was a sitcom by the name Matrimonios yalgo mas which was broadcast once every week. The director was Hugo Moser. The stars were Giani Lunadei and Hugo Arana. There are many other legendary Argentine actors who are fondly remembered for the roles they used to play in this sitcom.

Canal 3 was privatized in 1991. The main shareholder is a company which has also invested in production of a daily newspaper. For a long time, the station has remained at the second place in terms of popularity rankings.

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