Broaden Your Horizons

Everyone knows that travel opens you up to new locations, people, and cultures.  There is always that spirit of the unknown when you enter a country for the first time, especially if it is one that does not speak your native language.  Unfortunately, traveling to a foreign country can simply be beyond the ability or means of most people.  Not only are there financial considerations, but often it is impossible to get away from work or other obligations. 

Travel Right At Home

However, with World TV and Radio, you can travel around the world at no cost at all.   Imagine sitting in the comfort of your living room and being able to enjoy a documentary from France, or watching a Russian sitcom.  You will be able to catch up on the news from the Far East or Africa.  You will be able to experience all the marvels of foreign travel with none of the discomforts.  Hundreds of television stations will be at your disposal once you have chosen the program you wish (either the Toolbar Edition or the Stand Alone Edition).

And, not only is television available, there are literally thousands of radio stations that you will be able to access once you have downloaded the edition you desire.  Music, talk, discussions, instruction – all the best of radio, worldwide, will come to you right over your computer.

Learning Another Language

In the early days of the Twentieth Century, a huge number of immigrants came to America’s shores.  Most of these people spoke no English, and one of their first priorities was to learn the language of their adopted country.  For those of them living in cities (which was where most of these people settled initially) there was the opportunity to learn the language by going to vaudeville performances.  The more casual attitude of the time meant that these people could enter the theater in the morning for the regular fee and then sit through repeat performances during the day.  By watching the performances over and over, they were able to begin to build an English vocabulary.

The same premise holds true today – by accessing the many television channels and radio stations, you will eventually be able to pick up some knowledge of another language.  You can even start out with children’s programs, these will be designed to be simple enough for a child to understand, and will help to make it easier for you to pick up the basics of a foreign language.

Any Concert You Want

Since its inception, radio has offered people a wonderful way to listen to music.  Whatever your musical tastes, it is possible to find radio programs that will delight you.  You will be able to hear orchestras from Prague or Hong Kong performing live and on recording.  If you enjoy rock music, you can hear what Eastern European rock sounds like, and the native music from the Andes can be yours when you listen to a station from South America.  While most home radios provide a scattering of a dozen or so stations, with World TV and Radio, you will have access to over 9,000.