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On or about June of 2006, Bassic Technology changed the way the public listens to radio.  The developer founded the company in 2005 although they have over 20 years experience in software development. And it seems, that the name of the company was derived from the founder’s favorite hobby, playing the bass guitar.

Radio Tuner

The radio tuner is one of the most significant inventions of our time. The radio was basically used to communicate and was a product of the war effort. Later it was used to transmit songs and news broadcasts. The use of the radio is wide spread. They are very popular and are used by the youth today to listen to music while they are travelling or otherwise. The radio tuner is an instrument that helps in tuning into a radio frequency.

Satellite radios

Satellite radios are widely popular and work with the help of satellites that broadcast the programs. The satellites cover a wide area and a single program will be made available across a whole continent. In some areas where the signals can get blocked, repeaters can be used to improve reception. The satellite radios give better sound quality and are ideal for listening to music.

Radio Tuner Hardware

The Radio Tuner is a device which helps you to select a particular radio frequency over others which are present. The tuner has an adjustable knob or a button by which you can lock on to a radio frequency or a band of frequencies. The tuner is able to perform this function by using electrical resonance. The tuner is usually connected with other devices like the amplifier or loudspeaker, so that the frequency you have selected through the tuner is audible to you.

Radio Digital Tuner

A tuner is a tuning device, which when connected to the antenna will receive and separate the signals. The Digital Tuner can receive signals through cable, airwaves or satellite. A Radio Digital Tuner can also receive audio signals as well as data via a satellite. The regular radio stations like FM can also be tuned into digitally by a digital radio tuner, instead of the regular analog dial tuning. Most of the modern models of radios now have a digital tuner, with buttons for increasing and decreasing the frequencies, instead of the turning of a knob.

Sirius Radio

SIRIUS Radio is the latest trend to hit the avid radio fans. SIRIUS has transformed the entire experience of listening to music, sports updates, news bits and entertainment. The company is based in New York’s Rockefeller Center where it also has its corporate hub. It is interesting to know that SIRIUS broadcasts 69 channels playing music that are not interrupted with any ads in between. Along with this it also has many more unique channels dedicated to sports, discussions, entertainment, traffic news, weather forecasts and information totaling 130.

Sirius Satellite Radio

How many satellite radios give you music without being interrupted for commercial breaks? Not many. Well here is one which does just that. All the music on this radio is played without commercials and is uncensored. The broadcasting is done for 24 hours daily with crystal clear sound clarity. It can also be played on dock and play units in your vehicles.

How To Get Access To Your Favorite Online TV/Radio?

In an internet era, television and radio are going online. You won’t miss anything even when you are on the go. The number of online radio and TV subscribers is getting higher and higher each day and the service is getting better. Lots and loads of channels are going online as it is a must “to be alive” in the present scenario.

So, how to get access to these hundreds or thousands of channels and where to find the channel best suited to your passions. This can be done in two ways; visiting an online directory or using the special software built for that.

Satellite radio

Satellite radios are very popular these days for the quality of music and sound they deliver and for the variety of music, sports and news channels available on them. They can be installed in almost everything ranging from homes, vehicles, portable radios and shops. One of the popular satellite radios is Sirius Satellite Radio which is not only popular for the music it plays but also the variety of channels it brings you. .

Radio Tuner Freeware

Internet Radio or the Web Radio uses the internet in transmitting stations and is different from the conventional Radio which is “on-air” in spreading their frequencies. The different technologies have many differences in functioning and their characteristics differ. A station broadcasting on the internet is available all over the world while the radio station has a limited radius of broadcasting capacity. Another important difference in the Web Radio is that, there can be interactivity. The listener is able to interact with the broadcast in many ways.