Xact Sirius satellite radio!

Satellite radios have their own plus points when compared to the traditional radios. The main advantage of using a satellite radio is the signal stability it provides. One needn’t worry about fluctuating signals when traveling long distances. Satellite radio makes it possible for the listeners to listen to their favorite channels continuously! This is made possible by the footprint coverage made by the satellites. Another great advantage of using satellite radio is the programming facility and the wide listening options. One can hear a plethora of variety like pop, jazz, rock etc.

Sirius satellite radio receivers

Satellite radios have been the new trend in the area of broadcasting. A satellite radio has the greatest advantage of providing disturbance free broadcast! It allows one to hear to the same station even when they travel form one continent to another! It has a great foot print throughout the world and one is guaranteed of uninterrupted music. One can also program their favorite channels and it offers a wide variety of programs ranging from pop, jazz, rock, classical etc. One can also get dedicated programs like sports, weather, traffic, health, news etc.

Sirius Satellite Radio Boombox

Sirius satellite radio boombox was originally started as an option for vehicle drivers to listen to radio as they drove; something to keep the drivers busy when they were stuck in traffic. Now Sirius satellite radio boombox have expanded in variety to include permanent boomboxes that can be used in the home and portable options. More Sirius satellite radio boomboxes are continually being produced to meet your needs as times change. To keep up with the most current Sirius satellite radio boombox in the market, you need to constantly check the website of the satellite radio company.

Satellite Radio Systems

With all the advances made in satellite radio, you should be interested in finding out more about satellite radio systems. There are satellite radio systems to fit the needs of everyone. Whether you want one for your home needs or as you travel in your vehicle.

Satellite Radio Subscription

Before you can listen to satellite radio, you need to pay a satellite radio subscription. This is because the satellite radio subscription paid by the listeners is what is used to cater for the expenses of running the satellite radios. This is mainly because unlike ordinary radio, satellite radio does not have commercials. This means they cannot raise funds through advertising. Since they have to make money somehow for running the companies, the listeners have to pay a monthly service charge.


SERIUS radio is creating waves due to its 100% commercial-free music, news and traffic updates. Such a kind of experience is unique for all listeners as they can enjoy their favorite track smoothly at a stretch. SERIUS offers lots of choices for its listeners when it comes to buying a radio set.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio Receiver

The SIRIUS satellite radio receiver helps the radio installed in your car, home or iPhone to work and provide entertainment, weather news, traffic updates etc. This receiver plays an important role in the Backseat TV package from SIRIUS and in supplying the marine weather data too. A powerful receiver will be able to tell the sailor about the probable storms along with entertaining him as well. But how does this receiver work? What is the technology behind it? Let us find out.

Satellite Radio Industry

There are three major players in the Satellite Radio Industry, and they are XM, Sirius and 1worldspace. XM and Sirius mainly cover mainland United States and Canada, while 1worldspace covers most of Asia, the middle east and eastern and southern part of Africa.

Satellite Radio Technology

Satellite Radio Technology has revolutionised the radio industry. The ground based radio stations had a limited coverage and their signals dropped off as the distance increased. Satellites gave a totally new dimension to radio coverage. A satellite radio service can now cover a whole country or even a whole continent. The two major Satellite Radio services in United States, XM and Sirius, are able to cover the whole of mainland United States from coast to coast.

Sirius Satellite Radio News

Sirius Satellite Radio is the most popular satellite radio service in the United States. It broadcasts over 130 channels of quality entertainment, consisting of music, sports, news and entertainment. Out of this huge channel line up, there are nearly 44 channels that are under the News/Talk category, which provide all kinds of news like local, international, financial, traffic and weather.