Satellite Radio Subscribers

Satellite radio has gained popularity since it started broadcasting, especially in the United States. The number of Satellite Radio Subscribers has been steadily growing, as people come to appreciate the high quality of programming offered by the satellite radio companies. Sirius and XM Satellite Radio are the two companies that operate in the United States and Canada. These two companies have already merged, but still they have separate subscribers and also offer separate line up of channels.

Satellite Radio Forum

Online forums have been there to discuss many different topics and themes, and since satellite radio has been broadcasting, there are many forum sites to discuss things from the devices to the service itself. The popularity and uniqueness of satellite radio has given a huge following to the satellite radio forum. There are mainly two satellite radio services in the United States, XM and Sirius. Some forums exclusively are devoted to one service, while there are many which discuss both.

Satellite Radio Companies

There are three, major Satellite Radio Companies in the world, and they are XM, Sirius and 1worldspace. Of these XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio merged on 19th February 2007, and formed a new holding company which is called Sirius XM Radio, Inc. On the date of merger their combined subscriber list totalled to 18.5 million subscribers.

International Satellite Radio

A satellite radio service has excellent programming content and is received in high quality digital audio. These are the major two factors that make it so popular. There are still only a few companies that give satellite radio service. In United States there is the Sirius XM satellite radio which is a merger of the previous two companies, XM and Sirius. This company has a coverage only in mainland United States and Canada. If we look for a company that is truly on an international scale it would be the Worldspace International Satellite Radio, which is now known as 1worldspace.

History Of Satellite Radio

To know the History Of Satellite Radio, we should track the history of the three companies which are in fact the only companies in the world that give satellite radio service. The companies are XM, Sirius and 1worldspace. XM and Sirius are now merged and they cover United Sates and Canada. 1Worldspace is covering most of Asia, the middle east and eastern and southern Africa.

Sirius Satellite Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio has been broadcasting quality entertainment since July 2002, and has gained in popularity since then. There are over 130 channels available which comprise of categories like music, news/talk, sports and entertainment. Each category, has sub-categories, and this all put together gives you a varied range of entertainment and news. There are 69 music channels which provide commercial-free streams, 24 hours a day non-stop. You will find music of all genres like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical, Christian, Jazz, Latin, Country and much more.

Satellite radio store

Satellite Radios have been creating a huge demand in the market. There are many stores that offer great discounts with the satellite radios. Satellite radios are known for their footprint. Thus unlimited music is assured to the subscribers. A satellite radio follows a pay mode, in which the users are supposed to pay for the channels they subscribe. The subscription amount can either be paid monthly or yearly. One needs to depend on a service provider like Sirius or XM in order to listen to the satellite radio.

Satellite radio rating

The two kind of satellite service available in America are sirus satellite radio and xm satellite radio. They have as many as radio broadcasting stations available around the world. Among the various channels, the sports channel will generally covers news and other form of entertainment. It is easy to identify to get the available radio channels in the available signal; the name comes from the most shining object star from the sky. They provided service all over the world from 2006.

Satellite radio comparison

Here let us compare the two famous radio technologies. Sirius Satellite Radio and XM are the top two satellite radio providers; they both attract most of the people in the country.  Both the companies are providing various services like music, game show, news with various new attracting services. If user doesn’t like traditional FM or AM then the satellite radio will be a great replacement for them. Advancement in modern technology leads to quality music with portability, large number of services with excellent signal coverage.

Handheld Satellite Radio

Technology has affected every area of our lives and more so in the media and entertainment industry. Maybe the most recent craving is for all things touch but one that has been around and is still getting the most points is the portability aspect of it. From laptops to mobile phones and media players, the world wants things that can be able to move along with them. Media players especially are going evolution everyday and new models and features are being announced every so often. When it comes to portability in radios, the concept has been around for quite sometime.