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Auto Satellite Radio

The Auto Satellite Radio is the best companion you can have on your daily commute or on those long drives. There is nothing better than to listen to excellent music or other entertaining programs to take off the boredom of driving and hassels of heavy traffic. Satellite radio services, give full coverage to mainland United States, from coast to coast. These services also provide excellent programming and commercial-free music, round the clock. There are more than 130 channels which cover music, sports, news and entertainment.

Delphi satellite radio

Delphi plays the leading role in satellite radio technology by being the supplier of total components required for vehicles that are compatible with both the broadcast formats. Both XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite radio got its license from Delphi.

What does it have?

Companies Providing Satellite Radio Service:

The most famous satellite radio service providing companies are XM, Sirius and World Space Radio. They have been providing a very good quality satellite radio service for the past 10 years. They have had a lot of subscriptions and have developed huge market for themselves. They have even been listed in stock markets around the globe. They have been providing great satellite radio service and their customer base continues to grow at a good rate because of their quality of service continued improvements.

Features Of Satellite Radio:

Satellite radio services have been around for quite sometime now. They are similar to ordinary radios but the method of transmission differs. The quality of music played is different too. Satellite radio service provides CD like quality. Incase of satellite radio service the service provider would place a satellite at the geostationary orbit of the earth. The radio signals are sent from the base station to these satellites that send it back to the earth. These transmitted signals cover a huge distance.

World satellite radio:

Imagine that you are cruising along a high way but your thoughts are on a baseball match in which your favorite player is playing. You would love to know what is happening in the match, let’s weigh the options that you have. You could call your friend but he would be engrossed in the match that he won’t pick up the phone. You could call your wife but she hates baseball and won’t respond properly. The only other thing left to you is to listen for the updates or commentary on your radio.

Syrius Satellite Radio

Syrius Satellite Radio started broadcasting in 2002, and since then has grown in popularity and people prefer to listen to this service because of its excellent programming content. Syrius Satellite Radio started covering the whole of mainland United States from coast to coast, and is now available in Canada as well. Syrius has three powerful satellites in geo-stationery orbits above the United States, and they beam down more than 120 channels of commercial-free entertainment. Syrius has spent a lot of money in getting exclusive programming content for its subscribers.

Record Satellite Radio

Satellite radio is popular because of its excellent programming content. The two satellite radio services in United States, XM and Sirius spend millions of dollars on deals with famous artistes and personalities, so that they can give you exclusive radio shows, that are not broadcasted anywhere else. Also their music channels have the best music of all genres, and you will find the latest hits as well as the golden oldies. Their talk shows are by famous personalities and discuss the most popular topics.

Best Portable Satellite Radio

Satellite Radio has become one of the most popular media in the United States. Satellite Radio service gives more than 120 channels of excellent commercial-free programming, and people prefer to listen to these broadcasts, compared to AM/FM radio stations. Apart from excellent content, people get to enjoy a clear static-free reception in digital quality audio, and they do not mind paying a monthly subscription fee that the satellite radio companies charge. To receive the satellite radio service, you need a satellite radio or a satellite radio tuner.

Satellite Radio Technology

Satellite Radio Technology has revolutionised the radio industry. The ground based radio stations had a limited coverage and their signals dropped off as the distance increased. Satellites gave a totally new dimension to radio coverage. A satellite radio service can now cover a whole country or even a whole continent. The two major Satellite Radio services in United States, XM and Sirius, are able to cover the whole of mainland United States from coast to coast.