Satellite Radio Reviews

Getting satellite radio review is not that difficult these days. Satellite radios have taken off with a bang. They have become popular and are the new fad in town. That means that there are plenty of satellite radio reviews being done all the time satellite radio reviews can be found on the internet or in the papers

Satellite Radio Ready

Are you satellite radio ready? Satellite radio is available and offered by various service providers. These companies usually offer first-rate quality broadcasting from the sounding to the programming. Satellite radio makes it possible to listen to the same programs from one end of the content to the other.

Satellite Radio Channels

Satellite radio channels are becoming more and more popular day by day since people can listen to satellite radio anywhere they are. Satellite radio channels works in the same way as satellite TV channels. You have to become a subscriber and pay a monthly fee before you can listen to their channels. 

Satellite Radio System

The idea of having satellite radios has been around for over the last ten years. The major steps towards realizing this idea was taken in 1992 when the United States FCC (Federal Communications Commission) set aside a part of the “S” band (2.3GHz) to be used for satellite based broadcasting. The broadcast was to be available nationwide through the DARS (Digital Audio Radio Services). At that time, only four firms showed interest in broadcasting at that band. In 1997, the FCC licensed two of these companies to start broadcasting.

Radio Satellites

We have different stations that we love and driving can be boring if you are not listening to anything while on your way. With our car radios, we usually flip to different channels as to catch our favorite talk shows or music. However, sometimes the stations start fading or the signals become distorted when we are too far away from the transmission station.  Most ground radio transmitters are only able to send their signal to about 48-64 kilometers (30-40 miles) from their location.

Hack Satellite Radio

Today, there are many ways through which you can hack satellite radio. With a little knowledge on electronics and computers, you can enjoy free satellite radio wherever you are. Most satellite signals do not come encrypted and with a normal receiver with an antenna, you can get satellite radio waves and enjoy free listening.

WorldSpace Satellite Radio

Today, 1worldspace is the most listened to satellite radio station in the world. Before either of its competitors had launched any of their satellites, WorldSpace had already put two satellites in geostationary orbit. The satellites, AfriStar and AsiaStar, were launched in 1998 and 2000 respectively. It's third satellite, AmeriStar, has not yet been launched.  The satellite is expected to offer WorldSpace services to South America as well as parts of Mexico.

TERK Satellite Radio

The radio has become an important complement for those travelling. Most people tune on their favorite radio stations to catch on the latest news, sports, weather or music. TERK Company offers a wide range of products and services that enable you to access satellite radio. Some of their main products include home audio antennas, outdoor and indoor TV antennas, home audio accessories, audio and video accessories, satellite and cable installation, wireless audio and video transmission control, among others.

Audiovox satellite radio

Satellite radio has been dominating the listening sector and there are lots of products flooding the market. Audiovox is a good brand which markets automotive entertainment, vehicle security and consumer electronics. It offers hundreds of commercial free channels and the sound quality enables the user to listen continuously to the same channel even when they travel from coast to coast. Audiovox has been the early suppliers of XM satellite radio and has a growing partnership with XM. It markets satellite radios in both Sirius and XM formats.

Audiovox and Sirius XM

Xact Satellite Radio

Xact Technology, LLC is a, consumer electronic product service provider, which develops, manufactures, distributes, markets and services its own products. This company is famous for providing GPS tracking devices with no subscription fees. Xact has now developed a series of models of satellite radios capable of receiving Sirius Satellite Radio broadcasts. Sirius Satellite Radio is the most popular satellite radio service in mainland United States, and you can enjoy more than 130 channels of high quality entertainment.