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Since the Social Bookmarking phenomenon is spreading exponentially, we decided to take a ride on it.

Nowadays it is not easy to rank a website or get a steady number of visitors without it; Social Bookmarking has adepts all over the world, not only because is "IN", it is also because it makes sense, here is how I understand Social Bookmarking at its real effect on Internet browsing trends:

Case A:

After several attemps of googling for a common term, let's say: "cheap car insurance" Google shows something close to 2500000 results, the first Insurance company appears on page number 3, after 2 pages full of websites offering comparisions between them, (it is not only happening with that term, in fact, there are websites with just one purpose: to rank in first pages under highly competitive keywords, using both white hat SEO and black hat SEO, that means that they optimize their content to rank well in search engines, sometimes it doesn't matter if the content does make sense to human eyes, they stablish a bridge between Search engines and users, obtaining, in some cases, commissions for referrals or/and clicks in advertising programs such as Yahoo Publisher Network or Google Adsense.) Visitor A finally finds a good car insurance company with competitive rates and excellent service, he/she decided to share it with other visitors and post a bookmark in one of the several hundreds of Social Networking sites, Visitor B (using the network finds the company without going through the same collection of worthless and low quality websites and find right away what he/she was looking for, Visitor B also votes for the good insurance company, adding value to the link (higher the number of votes usually means better websites, companies, services, news, etc) making even easier to Visitor C and up

Case B:

Social networking also helps to group internet users with same or similar interest, hobbies, proffesions, etc. in those cases Bookmarks are even more valuable because, in most cases, are only related to the group theme.

Case C:

Time, using social bookmarking helps to decrease the time spent searching and increase productivity in all areas

Case D:

As an added benefit, social networking (web 2.0) help people meet other people all over the globe, expanding not only friendship but also culture and knowledge.

I created a list of the most popular social networking sites from several countries, I joined them on a post a link to, but we plan to add more websites on a weekly basis, our first bookmark is only used as an example and to determine the grade of knowledge nessesary to setup an account and to start contributing to the network.

This list is open it will be updated each month adding or deleting sites when necessary. and posting comments about each one, I hope this help not only webmasters but also visitors that don't understand the new trend known as WEB 2.0

NOTE: When not especified English is the language used in the site:

Social Networking
Social Bookmarking permalinks
allmyfavorites alttagz - German ambedo AOL archive
ask backflip bagoo - Japanese batumark - Japanese bibsonomy
blink - Japanese blinkbits blinklinks blogmarks blogpeople - Japanese
bobrdobr - Russian - French Chido - Spanish Chipmark cl1p - Link deleted
clipmarks complore Connectedy - Offline Connotea corich deligio diig diigo enchilame - Spanish
esnips ez4u facebook faves favoritoo
fazed fazzle feedmelinks Offline fisz - Dutch flash-clip
fleck flog - Japanese floreame - Spanish freelink friendsite
fungow furl gather getboo google notebook
gootza - French h2O hatena - Japanese hemidemi - Chinese hotphpper - Japanese
igoogle ikeepbookmarks iloggo ineffabile - Italian jeteye
jumptags lifelogger limpe - Romanian linkagogo linkarena
listal listerlister listfreak - Japanese listible Lycos IQ
mag.nolia markaboo meneame - Spanish Mister wong - Spanish Mister wong - English
MM/Memo - Japanese moemesto - Russian multiply mybookmarks mylinkvault
mypicklist myprogs netvouz ning notefish
Nowpublic oneview - German otavo oyax philoi
pingking - Japones pocket Pookmark - Japanese propeller rawsugar
reddit saaf - Japanes segnalo - Italian simpy sitesays
skidoo snipit spurl staraid stumbleupon swik taggly tagmos - Dutch tagspot
tagtooga tagza technorati trailfire voo2doo
watvindenwijover web-feeds wykop - Polish yattle yoono
Youtube zimbio zurpy    
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