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Indie and international films. Watch now on Jaman!show?id=DCPfESjmjVs&bids=142227.10000060&type=4&subid=0

Jamanshow?id=DCPfESjmjVs&bids=142227.10000007&type=3&subid=0, is a San Mateo California based P2P Web movie service that allows users to discover, watch rent and share independent and world films online. While Jaman competitors (Netflix, MovieLink, Vongo, CinemaNow, iTunes, etc) offer mainstream titles and movies available in North American Market in other words, they focus in Hollywood movies, Jaman focuses on indie film and especially on the international and Bollywood Moviesshow?id=DCPfESjmjVs&bids=142227.10000011&type=3&subid=0market, which has a massive global audience. Jaman is also a social network for people passionate about world cinema. Its network delivers independent films in high quality (even better than DVD using H.264/MPEG-4, and supports 720 today and 1080 in the near future), to Mac and PC users over broadband Internet; obviously, Jaman service can't be enjoyed by users with low speed internet or dial up connections.

Why Jamanshow?id=DCPfESjmjVs&bids=142227.10000007&type=3&subid=0 popularity has been increasing every day? There are many reasons:

  • An appealing interface
  • Movies that are not available in the USA market, in fact, less than 1% of films produced on planet earth get distribution in the United States, so it is not hard to imagine how big Jaman 's market could be,
  • Jaman is starting out with a world cinema focus–foreign and independent films that don't get much distribution, but attracts a passionate audience of film fanatics.
  • Jaman has developed what looks like a compelling service for people who live on broadband and love to discover, share and watch independient featured films.

This is only to mention a few. There is also the social cinema aspect of Jaman that is not other than a chat window that is tied to the film's time code. A histogram at the bottom of the screen displays the density of conversation in synch with the film. User can also write reviews and connect with other members of the Jaman social cinema network.

According to Jaman's CEO Gaurav Dhillon he is targeting three groups–techies who want high quality video, "filmies" who are film festival goers and the emigrant audience, which he said numbers about 56 million who are first generation, foreign born. I must add that not only USA market is been targeted, you can easily find foreing webmasters and groups sharing their experiences with Jaman's services.

Currently, Jaman has negotiated rights for about 1,000 films and 200 have been transcoded from the DVDs. The company sources the films from:

  • Americine S.R.L
  • Arc Light Films LTD
  • Celestial Filmed Entertainment Inc. (Shaw Brothers Film Library)
  • Cinequest, Inc.
  • ELO Audio Visual
  • Tip Top Entertainment
  • Vanguard Cinema
  • Venevision International Films LLC.


Movies and documentals are distributed from Jaman's hosting facilities (for films that are not popular) or via a P2P network. Films can be rented via credit card for $1.99 for seven days or purchased for $4.99. Films in the 1080 format may be priced with a premium

There are also, more than 200 movies that users can watch for free, (must be a registered user Free registration!show?id=DCPfESjmjVs&bids=142227.10000014&type=3&subid=0 in order to get access to free content)

What's next

DivX, Inc. Jaman.com, announced an agreement to add video titles from the Jaman.com library to the DivX Connected(TM) platform, a solution that provides consumers with easily accessible high-quality digital media content through a variety of consumer electronics devices. The two companies will work together to make selections from the Jaman library available to users of DivX Connected devices, extending the content experience beyond the limits of the PC to the living room. The first DivX Connected device available to consumers from D-Link is presently for sale online in the UK, France, and Germany and will be soon released in the US and Canada.

Watch the movie thriller Cloverfield on Jaman!show?id=DCPfESjmjVs&bids=142227.10000080&type=4&subid=0
Watch Angeline Jolie in Beowulf on Jaman!
Paramount Digital Entertainment has inked a deal with Jaman.com, an online rental service, which would allow a wide variety of Paramount films to be available to watch on Jaman.com. Some of the new titles include "Beowulf" and "Cloverfield.".

How to Register

Just follow the link: Register now on Jaman!show?id=DCPfESjmjVs&bids=142227.10000001&type=3&subid=0 (it will open a new browser window)



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