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Has been 45 days since we launched our toolbar, during this period we have received users feedback, we also have noted that the number of software downloads is much higher that the number of toolbar downloads, this could mean that our users don't have enough information to benefit of this offer and use for free the most popular software in the Internet Radio and television tuner and browsers category.

We have decided to develop this guide that will alow us to explain this free bundle and, at the same time, to receive your feedback.

It's necesary to begin answering the two main questions that we have been receiving from our users and visitors.

1. Why (it's free and what is included)

Both, worldtvradio's Toolbar and world TVRT Toolbar edition are free, Why? simple, we have noticed that many people can't afford the registered version and many more, don't trust in Internet to do business, in other words, they don't buy online (We believe that e-commerce is almost as secure as paying at the mall... in many cases more if you ask me).

Either way, we must cover the costs of each download and installation of our software, it doesn't matter if it is a registered copy or not, the resources used by a activated or trial copy are the same or, and it is even worst, for those who obtained copies of our software modified (hacked) in web sites of dubious reputacion and whose unique puropose is to obtain profits of somebody else's work.

We have found that the Toolbar is a mean that allow us (through advertising) to recover a part of our investement in servers, web hosting , etc.

2. How?

Each time that an user uses the toolbar to search on Internet (all search queries are powered by Google™ ); Conduit™ (owner of our Toolbar technology), credit us a small commission (only if user clicks on sponsored results).

In this way we recover a part of our investment and we can keep this service free of charge.

As we stated in our page world TVRT Toolbar Edition - Free Version the worldtvradio's Toolbar powered by conduit:

  • DOES NOT hack Google search results
  • DOES NOT affect Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera performance,
  • DOES NOT launch "Pop-Ups", "Pop-Unders" or any kind of intrusive advertising
  • DOES NOT record user information or browsing preferences.
  • DOES NOT contains or promote adware, spyware, virus or any kind of malware

Installation Process

In order to obtain the best results using the Free version of world TV and Radio Tuner, the worldtvradio's Toolbar is required and must be installed before world TVRT.

world TVRT free version , will show a toolbar missing message instead of menus when the toolbar is not installed or active each time the software is launched.

To obtain the experience using our software, please follow the next steps:

1. Download and install worldtvradio's Toolbar (Click to download the toolbar )

2. Download and install world TVRT Toolbar edition (Download it from here )

That's all , world TV & Radio Tuner will be ready to be used, remember, world TVRT Toolbar edition includes 8700 internet radio stations and more than 1750 TV channels from around the world

To launch the software click on TV icon or Radio icon this action will open the software and it will load the menu that belongs to the icon used (TV or radio).

Some Facts

  • world TVRT will work as long as you have the toolbar installed and active and worldtradio's toolbar is used to launch the software
  • this version doesn't have restrictions of time, uses or options,
  • it is fully operative,
  • it includes free automatic database updates

What are you waiting for?, we are 100% sure that world TVRT will be your favorite software at home or office.

We will leave this page open to recieve your commentaries and suggestions. To contact us please use the link below.


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