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Digiwave - Low Cost FTA Receivers

HomeVision Technology Inc. Distributes Digiwave STBs in Canada and USA, Digiwave factory is located in ZhuHai City, China and are directly imported by them, that is maybe, the main reason why Digiwave receivers are among the cheapest ones. They explain this situation in just one phrase "HomeVision can bring you the best quality with the lowest price". HomeVision is related to satellite communications since 2002.

I have been looking for reviews in forums, groups, guides, etc, on Digiwave receivers, not luck at all, except a few complains on not having support or delayed support or even receivers conversions to make them work with "FTA" TV (the one from North American Providers), this brand is not very popular on both FTA worlds, the real one and the other one ;-0.

A receiver conversion is not other than modify receiver main program to emulate other model or brand, this procedure is becoming more and more popular, it is the only solution that allows to fix many recievers without brand "support" or discontinued models. This procedure is usually done with third party software that "transform" STBs firmware, Conversions should be done by technicians because it can cause receiver malfunctions or even "kill" the receiver, a failed or erroneus conversion may destroy receiver main processor making it permanently unusable.

Digiwave first receiver was DG-1000 and the last one to hit the market is Diamond 9000HD, a top notch STB with two tuners: terrestial (ATSC) and satellite (DVB), there is, however, a strange situation here, apparently Diamond receivers are made in Korea, which make untrue the HomeVision Technology about their own factory in China, on the other hand, there is a website that claims to be the developer of Diamond line of receivers (Diamond 4000, Diamond 8000, Diamond 9000HD), it looks like HomeVsion Technology carries third party receivers in its inventory after all.

No matter who make them, Diamond Receivers have many good features and for a excellent price, the following list of features will make my point, you'll remember seen the same features in other brands but with higher prices:

Diamond 9000 HD-PVR Main features

  • Compliant MPEG-II/ MPEG-IV/ H.264.
  • 2 tuner combo (DVB-Satellite & ATSC-Terrestrial)
  • Compliant DVB-S/ S2 satellite standard & ATSC-Terrestrial standard
  • Output resolution 480p & 480i(NTSC), 720p, 1080i
  • 1 HDMI output Multisatellite search.
  • On-screen display with true color full resolution.
  • DiSEqC control version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS compatible.
  • Enhanced 16 favorite channel groups.
  • Powerful channel control by favorites, lock, skip, move and delete function.
  • Channel sort by alphabet, transponder and CAS.
  • Multilingual GUI (OSG & Menu): English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Chinese.
  • Installation wizard
  • Extended EPG and program reservation on EPG.
  • Last channel memory function.
  • Total 10,000 channels programmable.
  • Preprogrammed channels (Optional)
  • Dolby digital audio output (S/PDIF)
  • S-Video Component output (YPbPr)
  • Various games
  • Software & channel database upgrade via RS-232C: PC to STB/ STB to PC.
  • Parental lock / Installation lock / receiver lock.
  • Zoom in function on pause/ live channel
  • Multipicture display.
  • High speed software upgrade via USB 2.0
  • MP3 play and JPEG viewer
  • Manufactured under license from Dolby* Laboratories.

*“Dolby” and the double-D Symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

Digiwave Receivers


  • Digiwave FTA ReceiversDigiwave DG-1000
  • Digiwave DG-5900C
  • Digiwave DG-6800
  • Digiwave DG-7000
  • Digiwave DG-7200S
  • Digiwave Diamond 4000
  • Digiwave Diamond 8000P
  • Digiwave Diamond 9000HD-PVR

Firmware and Support

Digiwave offical website : www.digiwavetechnologies.com provides firmware, tools downloads for all their STBs models they are available at Digiwave downloads page : Download latest Digiwave Firmware

Factory Reset

As all Free to Air Receivers Digiwave, all models, have the option to revert all modifications on software, firmware, channels and satellites, it should be done to return the STBs to their factory default status to catch Free to Air TV or when receiver database is corrupted or damaged


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