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Captain FTA STBs

First Captain FTA receiver to hit the North American market was 8000 HD in April 2007. Captain receivers were welcome by reviewers and users, there are two factors that motivated them: Price: Captain receivers offer one of the best cost-benefit relations in the highly competitive FTA market and a second to none manufacturer warranty; five years.

Even though Captain 8000 HD is A high definition receiver it is only able to pick up Digital HD channels with MPEG2 standard, in other words it is not able to pick up high definition channels in Dish Network and Bell lineups or most free to air channels using high definition in America, Europa and Asia because broadcasters are adopting MPEG4 standard instead of MPEG2. It will be necessary to add a 8psk module in order to catch them, Captain official website has not commentaries or announcements about 8psk module nor availability, compatibility has been announced yet.

Captain receivers are based on new modern technology, with a 200 MHz chip and 64 MB of SDRAM. They have a 9 day epg for DN and 2 day BEV epg. nice and easy to use menu system.

A Captain Dongle is now available for all Captain FTA models. According with several sources it allows Captain STBs to download firmware, local weather conditions in real time and future availability of online games has been announced. Another use, not declared or promoted is to allow a procedure known as IKS (Internet Key Sharing).


Captain STB receivers


  • Ariza receiversCaptain 7000
  • Captain 7100 USB
  • Captain 8000HD


Captain official websites: and do not provide firmware and /or tools downloads, at least they are not available from a link in the menu or main pages. If you need a copy of the latest firmaware, we suggest to contact them directly by email, at (replace AT by @)

Factory Reset

Captain receivers main menuIn case your receiver needs to be restored to its original state, Captain STBs have a Factory Reset option available from the main menu .

Common Captain STBs Features

  • DVB-S Fully Compliant
  • On Screen Display with 256 Color
  • Blind Search (Power Scan)
  • Powerful Search Function: Automatic, Manual (PID) & NIT
  • SPDIF Digital Sound
  • DiSEqC 1.0 & 1.2 Compatible and USALS Supported
  • Powerful EPG: Now/Next & 7 days Program Guide
  • Multi-Language Supported (OSD & Menu)
  • Total 5,000 Channels
  • Multi-Picture Function (4-16 Pictures)
  • True 16:9 Widescreen
  • AC-3 Digital Sound
  • USB Memory Stick Interface
  • HDMI (Captain 8000HD only), Y Pb Pr (Component), S-Video & Composite Video
  • 5 Year Warranty


Dongle: A dongle (pronounced DONG-uhl) is a mechanism for ensuring that only authorized users can copy or use specific software applications, especially very expensive programs. Common mechanisms include a hardware key that plugs into a parallel or serial port on a computer and that a software application accesses for verification before continuing to run.


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