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Buzz Receivers

Buzz first model (S2010F) was launched in North America on March 24 2006. At first, it received very good ratings and reviews, mainly because it was the fiist FTA receiver to offer a full support to 7 days EPG (Electronic Program Guide), it has also user friendly menus and a very strong tuner than can pick channels with weak signal where other brands will just ignore them, this last plus is very useful to "catch" and keep real free to air channels when their signal is not strong.

Buzz support was among the best on the market, but now it looks like brand owners have decided to move forward. Buzz official websites: and are closed or reassigned (domain), there is, however a "not offical" forum dedicated 100% to Buzz models. Since support has been dropped or delayed, Buzz user are using an altenate solution to keep their receivers running, they are converting Buzz S2020F to Neusat SP 6000 Premium, of course chances are that the receiver become unusable if convertion fails, But, they are taking the risk, it is that or... real FTA.

Buzz STB receivers


  • Ariza receiversBuzz S2010F
  • Buzz S2010F Plus
  • Buzz S2020F


We haven't found a reliable source of original software for Buzz receivers, since both offical websites are down.

Factory Reset

As almost every FTA receiver Buzz STBs have the option to reset changes to factory settings, this will work even with a converted receiver, keep in mind that after a factory reset is done al modifications and bins are deleted,. you receiver will be back to its factory configuration so your Buzz will become a Real Free to Air Receiver.

Common Buzz Features

  • -Diseqc 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 & USALS
  • -22K option
  • -User friendly menus
  • -Various Languages for menu -
  • -Fast channel change speed (lees than 1 sec)
  • -8 favorite lists
  • -Channel sort by FTA, satellite, alphabetical order
  • -Picture in Guide
  • -Background Graphic for radio programs
  • -Parental Lock
  • -Auto NTSC/PAL converter
  • -Easy channel edit (move, change, rename, delete)
  • -Among the fastest blind scan
  • -Several scan options (transponder, satellite, PID, blind)
  • -S-Video/AV & SPDIF outputs. (Very good picture and sound)


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