Coolsat FTA Receivers

Coolsat Free to Air Receivers

Coolsat receivers are distributed in North America by Free Tech Inc, part of CoolTechnology Group. Coolsat best seller is Coolsat 6000 that was a hit in FTA market since its arrival two years ago; a nice interface, its powerful blind scan option, picture in picture menus, EPG and excellent picture were the secret to sky rocket Coolsat sales in USA and Canada but it was only the tip of the iceberg, Free Tech scores to hits before Coolsat 6000: Coolsat 4000 Pro and Coolsat 5000.

Free Tech Inc, first receiver on the market was Coolsat 4000, soon it was followed by Coolsat 4000 Pro, the only difference was the blind scan option in the Pro version. Even though they both were a big hit, the next Coolsat STB, called Coolsat 5000, marked a trend in FTA market in North America.

Coolsat receivers have one of the best tuners available, they pick channels with weak signal were other STBs fail, their USALS support is also fantastic; with them even a newbie can start watching satellite TV 10 minutes after unpacking it.

All those features and many more, discussed later, make Coolsat receivers as the right choice fot FTA hobbyist, I'm talking about REAL FTA here, because Free Tech has dropped support for those first four receivers in their lineup; the reasons are unclear but many users are complainig and even moving to other brands with better support.

Apparently, Coolsat 4000, 5000 and 6000 got hacked and the market was saturated with clones of those three models therefore, Free Tech decided to discontinue them and drop all kind of support, even warranty for instance, Free Tech website states that "...We will not be honoring warranties for Coolsat 6000 on end-user purchases with receipts dated after October 31st 2007. The Coolsat 6000 is a discontinued model and there is a prevalent problem with clone units on the internet. All authorized dealers should stop selling Coolsat 6000 after October 31st 2007. This policy also affects our previous models Coolsat 4000 and Coolsat 5000..."

The problem here is that many users bought their receivers after October 31, 2007, in fact, they still available in many stores, distributors and E-Bay. In despite of they aren't clones, Free Tech does not support them, so there are hundreds (if not thousands) of unsatisfied customers that are posting about it everywere (I mean FTA forums and groups), this situation is affecting Coolsat image, but it looks like Free Tech doesn't care... let's wait.

Meanwhile, the "real FTA hobbyist" can obtain an excellent Free to Air Receiver, with crisp picture and sensitive tuner by almost nothing on e-bay, just be sure to understand that it only is a good deal for FTA TV, Do not expect to modify those receivers to "catch" scrambled Nagra 2 channels.

Latest Products

Free tech is offering a new line of STBs composed by 3 models: Coolsat 6100 (that replaces their most popular product Coolsat 6000), Coolsat 7100 With PVR and Time Machine technology and Coolsat 8100 HD, A high definition reciever for Digital terestial Channels (ATSC) and Satellite receiver combo in other words it has two tuners.

Time Machine

The Time machine offers up 1 GB of internal memory, enabling you to record and pause live TV. The internal memory allows to record up to 40 minutes. Cool name to describe STBs main feature: record TV without external hard drive, of course 40 minutes is not enough to save a full movie but is enough to keep paused your favorite show while you are answering the phone.

Coolsat 8100 HD micro PVR features

  • MPEG 2 & MPEG 4 Support
  • High Definition (ATSC Only)
  • Digital Terrestrial(ATSC) & Satellite Set-Top-Box(TS combo)
  • Multiple Video Outputs HDMI, RGB, Ypbr, S-Video & CVBS
  • Seletable output for 1080i, 720P, 576P and 576i format
  • Tunes & Decodes all 18 ATSC broadcast formats
  • Max 500 GB external USB 2.0 Host Hard Disk Drive (Fat32 format)
  • Premium Grade VFD displaying 12 character(CH #, CH name & Local Time), Recording mode(Record & Play mode)
  • Status Icons(TV/Radio, Dolby Sound and Left HDD capacity)
  • Play back a recorded file at PC
  • Dolby Digital(AC3) 5.1 Channel Surround Sound via optical
  • Aspect ratio adjustment 4:3 (16/9 crop), 4:3 (16/9 letterbox), 16:9 (4/3 pillar box)
  • User friendly OSD and operation.
  • Favorite channel selection.
  • S/W upgrade through USB 2.0 port and RS-232
  • Parental Guide and rating control.
  • Picture in Picture support (Aux input/optional)
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • DiSEqC 1.0 & or DiSEqC 1.2
  • Flash memory 4MB DDR RAM 128MB (DDR400 16MX16) X 4ea
  • Universal Remote Control
  • Smart Card Reader (Option)

Coolsat Receivers


  • Coolsat FTA ReceiversCoolsat 4000
  • Coolsat 4000 Pro
  • Coolsat 5000
  • Coolsat 6000
  • Coolsat 6100
  • Coolsat 7000 PVR Time Machine
  • Coolsat 7100 PVR Time Machine
  • Coolsat 8000 HD (High Definition receiver)
  • Coolsat 8100 HD PVR

Firmware and Support

Coolsat offical website : provides firmware, tools downloads for all their STBs models they are available at Coolsat Support page : Download latest Coolsat Firmware

Firmaware and software updates can be done via RS-232 port or USB (Some models) Data cable type depends on receiver model as follows:

  • Coolsat 4000 Plus uses a Null Data Cable
  • Coolsat 4000 PRO uses a Straight Data Cable
  • Coolsat 5000 Platinum uses a Straight Data Cable
  • Coolsat 6000 Premium uses a Straight Data Cable
  • Coolsat 6100 Private uses a Straight Data Cable
  • Coolsat 7000 miCro PVR uses a Straight Data Cable
  • Coolsat 7100 miCro PVR uses a Straight Data Cable
  • Coolsat 8000HD uses a Null Data Cable
  • Coolsat 8100HD miCro PVR uses a Null Data Cable


Factory Reset

As all Free to Air Receivers Coolsat Receivers have the option to reset the receiver to its original status, everytime that you upgrade receiver firmware, bins or utilities is good idea to do a factory reset first, this will clean its memory and prepare it to receive a new version.


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