Best Satellite Radios

Satellite radio service has come a long way since it started broadcasting in 2002 in the United States. It has steadily gained in popularity and people prefer to listen to these channels, compared to the regular AM/FM bands, even though they have to pay a monthly subscription fee. XM and Sirius are the two Best Satellite Radios available in mainland United States. These services have more than 120 channels each, of quality entertainment that is totally commercial-free. These channels cover music, sports, talk, news and entertainment. XM and Sirius have now both merged as companies but still their programs are separate and you need different radios to receive their signals. An XM satellite radio wont work for receiving Sirius channels and vice-versa.

There are many models of radios available for receiving satellite broadcasting of the two companies. If you ask which are the Best Satellite Radios; well first you will have to choose which service you would prefer to listen to. After that you will have to decide whether you like to listen to your radio at home or in a vehicle or in both the places. The Best Satellite Radios are available in both services, and you can choose from the different models, and the functionality they offer. People are now feeling that the Best Satellite Radios are the ones which are the plug-and-play type. These models are portable, and with the right docking units you can use it in your car, as well as in your home. You also save on subscription fees, as you pay only one subscription, although you are receiving the satellite radio signals on two different receivers, at two different locations.

The Delphi XpressRC is one of the Best Satellite Radios available for receiving XM channels. This is a plug-and-play model, which comes with a car docking kit and a cassette-player adapter. You can also buy the home kit at an extra cost of $50, by which you can listen to XM radio on your compatible receivers and home theater systems. This radio has a magnificent full-color, split screen display, which is able to show what is playing on three different channels, as well as the current one. The radio has a buffer which saves up to one hour of live radio. This feature enables you to pause, rewind and replay live radio stream. The TuneSelect function will alert you when your favourite song is playing on any of the channels and a similar function called the GameSelect does the same for your favourite sport events. This radio at an estimated cost of $120 is well worth the price.

One of the Best Satellite Radios for receiving Sirius channels is the Sirius Stiletto 2. This is a very compact and sophisticated device with many functions and controls. The radio has a 2 GB memory which can be expanded through the microSD card slot. The Stiletto 2 can record live stream of up to 60 minutes enabling you to pause, rewind and replay. It is Wi-Fi enabled, so that you can also get the stream from the Sirius websites.