Best Portable Satellite Radio

Satellite Radio has become one of the most popular media in the United States. Satellite Radio service gives more than 120 channels of excellent commercial-free programming, and people prefer to listen to these broadcasts, compared to AM/FM radio stations. Apart from excellent content, people get to enjoy a clear static-free reception in digital quality audio, and they do not mind paying a monthly subscription fee that the satellite radio companies charge. To receive the satellite radio service, you need a satellite radio or a satellite radio tuner. These are available in various models and sizes which are suitable for use in home or in a vehicle. Advancement in technology has made it possible to shrink the size of the satellite radio and also include many advanced features. Now models are available which are portable and many people prefer them to the fixed varieties. These are plug-and-play devices that can be used in home as well as in your vehicle or on the go.

The Best Portable Satellite Radio, apart from receiving the satellite radio signals, also has a storage and recording function by which you can record live radio or store MP3 or WMA files. Certain models also come with docking kits for the vehicle or home. You will have to first choose the satellite radio service you want to subscribe for, as the radio meant for one service, will not work for any other service. There are two popular Satellite Radio services in United States, XM and Sirius. Models of portable satellite radio for Sirius does not have a built-in antenna and so you need a docking unit with an antenna to listen to live radio. Although they are portable you cannot listen to the radio on the go, as it is dependent on the docking units. This problem is not there with certain XM portable radio models as they have a built-in antenna.

One of the Best Portable Satellite Radio is the Samsung Helix XM2go. Apart from receiving 160 channels of XM programming, it also stores and plays MP3 and WMA files. Another advanced feature on this radio is that it enables you to bookmark songs which you hear live, and then purchase them via the XM Napster service. This radio can store up to 50 hours of live programming, so that you can pause, rewind and replay live radio broadcasts.

Samsung Helix XM2go is one of the Best portable Satellite Radio because it has a built-in antenna that allows you to enjoy satellite radio stream on the go, apart from using it in your vehicle or in the house. The radio has a user friendly interface which makes it very easy to scan channels, save and delete content, create personal playlists and find and play your favourite songs. The radio offers the option of storing content by song, channel or by a scheduled session. You will be able to create a personal playlist by live recordings and also by adding MP3 and WMA files. You can also schedule a recording and store just the beginning of songs for easy reference. The TuneSelect function will alert you when any of your favourite song is playing on, any of the channels.