Audiovox Sirius radio

Audiovox has become a great success in the wireless industry, and it has sold its first vehicle-installed wireless telephones in 1984.It has expanded its automotive after market business. It has gained a lot of popularity by its good distribution network and also has long-standing relationships with the market. It has aimed to exploit all possible potentials in the consumer electronics business. The feature of audiovox Sirius radio includes a portable feature which enables the Sirius satellite radio to carry it to various places! It also gives excellent quality output with an enhanced sound feature with good signal processing feature. One can connect MP# or other devices with the Aux-Input that is been provided along the radio. If one wishes to hear the music in privacy there is also a feature of head phone output which enables the user to hear to the tunes in privacy without disturbing others. It provides an excellent volume control capability and a remote control is also provided to adjust the volume efficiently. One can also make the equipment to work as portable by the 8 D cell battery and a power adapter is provided for the use at home / office. Another excellent feature of the audio vox is the integration of antenna into the boom box. One can also remove the boom box when it is used in home or office. There is also an LED indicator to indicate the power status and also to notify low battery situation. Thus the users are made well aware of the power levels in the radio.

The audiovox can be used only with the SIRPNP3 shuttle receiver. This plug and play Sirius radio tuner is compatible for vehicle, home or a boom box. It has a large, good LCD screen and it is used to display song details like artist name, song information and category. There is also a built-in Fm transmitter which is used to broadcast FM signals and there is 20-song S-seek memory. There are 30 channel presets and there are also a look ahead mode which enables the user to preview other channels wireless remote control which is 4.5 * 3 * 1.5 inches and also has a one year warranty. There are around 35 selectable frequencies which are built-in along with the fm transmitter. The design is small and is of a low profile. The display screen also has a amber backlighting and there is a dedicated jump button for an in & out access which enables the user to access the favorite programs. There is also a memory capture feature called S-seek which enables the users to store up to 20 favorite tunes. There is also a facility yin which the user can search for all the incoming channels for favorite tunes. Thus this feature is a great advancement for the listeners to capture their favorite programs. One can use this search ahead capability to search for songs based on channel name, artist name or title. There are also time based functions that includes a on-screen clock, an alarm and also program alert.