Audiovox satellite radio

Satellite radio has been dominating the listening sector and there are lots of products flooding the market. Audiovox is a good brand which markets automotive entertainment, vehicle security and consumer electronics. It offers hundreds of commercial free channels and the sound quality enables the user to listen continuously to the same channel even when they travel from coast to coast. Audiovox has been the early suppliers of XM satellite radio and has a growing partnership with XM. It markets satellite radios in both Sirius and XM formats.

Audiovox and Sirius XM

Sirius XM is a satellite radio company in America that delivers commercial-free music channels, sports, news, weather etc to large number of customers. Sirius XM deals with programming while the hardware and accessories are provided by the Audiovox. One may either choose a direct connection or a transportable one. There are wide ranges of products from Audiovox to meet every need. There are exclusive solutions for each of the satellite radio receiver options. Home products are for good quality listening experience. The other solutions provided by the audiovox include Dock & play transportable solution, products that can be well integrated with existing satellite radio audio system. These products make the listening experience great for the users. Plug and play options enable the users to simply plug in the devices in car dock or home dock. The XM plug receivers also offer selectable stock quotes, sports screens. The bright LED screen for display is also a great advantage for the users. One can store all their favorite songs with the memory capture facility. Thus when the user is opting for the XM brand the plug and play option is a great bargain!

Audiovox XR9

Audiovox and XM have partnered to introduce the Audiovox XR9, which is the latest plug and play satellite radio. This is the latest product of AudioVox for listening to XM Radio. It is aimed to be launched in the holiday season and its price is expected to be around $100.It is the smallest satellite radio by Audiovox with a good finish that is appealing to a wide range of audience.XR9 is characterized by a large blue backlit LCD, built-in wireless FM modulator that enables the listeners to listen XM on any FM radio. It can also be customized to display stock quotes and one can find remote control as a regular accessory. The device is stationary and can be easily moved from home or office. It can be used for both home and travel purposes and one can plug the unit in the vehicle with the audiovox vehicle kit and listen at home using an audiovox home kit.  There are also additional accessories like boom box which is expected to be launched in the months ahead. This is a terrific product which incorporates all new technologies including the built-in FM modulator and customized stock quotes. Getting stock quotes is a great advantage for people who do daily trading. The design is expected to become a huge hit among the consumers.