Antenna for SIRIUS Radio

If you wish to make the most of your Sirius satellite radio, you must know exactly how to install the antenna for SIRIUS radio and get a superb performance in return. The company also helps its users and listeners by providing helpful tips for the proper connection of the radio. You can choose between two kinds of antennas- the indoor/outdoor home antenna or the outdoor home antenna. As it is obvious, the first antenna can be installed inside or outside while the second one is suitable for outdoor use only.

When it comes to actually installing the antenna, the instructions are a little different for residents of USA and Canada. We will discuss the four important steps in the installation of an antenna for SIRIUS radio for USA listeners. These steps will guide you for a successful installation and avoid any issue related to it. Once these steps are followed well, you can start enjoying your Sirius radio service and more than 125 channels offered by the company.

Following are the four steps for installing your antenna for SIRIUS radio:

1. Use the location finder map for determining your area number:

This map is available on the Sirius website for USA listeners. Basically, the map of USA is divided into five sections or areas. Every area is given a number from 1 to 5. You need to find out under which number your state can be included. Suppose you live in Florida, your area number will be 3 and so on according to your location.

2. Find out the general direction in which you are required to aim the antenna for SIRIUS radio:

Now that you have your area number from step 1, you can make use of the direction chart below for finding out where you have to aim the home antenna.

1- The antenna should be aimed East/ Northeast
2- The antenna should be aimed North/ Northeast
3- The antenna should be aimed North/ Northwest
4- The antenna should be aimed West/ Northwest
5- The antenna should be aimed straight up towards the sky. It is advisable to use an outdoor antenna.

The website of SIRIUS also has a pictorial presentation of these aiming directions that makes things easier.

3. Find out the kind of antenna you need to use and the location for the same:

Your home’s geographic location and environment are important factors to determine the type of antenna for SIRIUS radio that you have to buy. If placed appropriately, aimed correctly and fine-tuned, an indoor/outdoor home antenna is good enough for almost all the home radio services. If you are not getting clear signals with this antenna, you can go for the Outdoor home antenna. There are indoor/outdoor home antennas available that can be placed in any location or at a window or outside.

4. Proper placement, aiming and connection of your antenna for SIRIUS radio:

You can read through the detailed tips for each kind of antenna for installation on the Sirius website and you are done.