Station Name: AlbaChat Radio

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Albania

Online media and radio in particular, has in recent times emerged as a powerful tool of communication and Albachat Radio is one such online radio from Albania. With the possibility of reception online, it means that you can listen to an online station from anywhere provided there is a computer connected to the internet.

With this medium, often termed as new media, radio broadcasts are not only being transmitted faster, but also further and wider. In fact, there is virtually no limit to the regions of transmission, and Albachat Radio can be listened to anywhere in the world.

Albachat radio has provided an opportunity for listeners to tune in and listen at their own convenience and at very cheap costs. As if this is not enough, listeners have the luxury of listening to quality programmes, and anytime, because of improved connection speed.

Online radio has brought with it so many possibilities that were not even imaginable in the recent past.

Albachat Radio offers its programmes in Albanian, and it is one of the online radio stations launched in the country recently. Based in Tirana city, Albachat radio focuses mainly on Folklore type programmes, providing listeners with a rich and in depth variety of programmes related with Albanian Folklore.

From a visionary point of view, Albachat Radio and other similar online radio stations are the gateway to a future where the world is surely becoming a small village. Almost every aspect of human life is headed towards globalization, and online radio seems to be the fuel for this transformation.

With otherwise local radio stations able to be listened to from anywhere, the signs of times are clear that sooner, it may not matter where one is, since it would be possible to get anything from anywhere around the world at any time.

AlbaChat Radio


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AlbaChat Radio
AlbaChat Radio - Internet radio station From :: Albania
Country/State Albania
City Tirana
Language Albanian
Speed 24
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Folklore
Player Windows Media
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