The Age of Radio Tuner Programs

Tired of turning the dial of your radio tuner ever so slightly to reduce the static that’s messing up your jam? Are you sick of adjusting the rabbit ears and adding another layer of aluminum foil to the ends in hopes that the frequency will come in stronger than that lightning bolt? Sometimes I’ll have a really good song on and the station frequencies cross just as I’m going over a bridge only to come back to my previous station just as the DJ is exclaiming ‘Wasn’t that a great hit?’ GOOD NEWS!! There are thousands of free and downloadable radio tuner software available online and at your local electronics store.

Online radio stations seem to be really popular and are available in multiple audio formats such as MP3 and WMA. These programs allow you to save your favorite stations and manage them for easy accessibility. You can even make your friends jealous by posting your jams on MSN Messenger.

Many of these downloads offer over 1,000 radio stations. This is just one of the many perks of online radio programs. Usually there are limited commercial interruptions which are an added bonus for the music lover. With so much variety there is something for everyone so it’s not hard to see why they are so popular.

There are a few downsides to these online stations that may seem annoying and to some too frustrating to bother downloading at all. If you have a dial up internet connection, downloading the program can take a really long time as can loading each station and song you want to listen to. Broadband internet connections although offer a quicker internet speed can still take some time to load individual stations. I have even found that my stations need to reload, or buffer, in the middle of a song which gets annoying. Itunes offers a public radio program compatible with itunes software which many people are already using thanks to the Iphone and Ipods. One user recently stated that it was an “excellent app[lication] especially with the new update. Listing by state, favorites, and location based search make this a good app.”

Another option for radio tuner programs are satellite radio tuners for your car. These can be utilized through your Ipod by using the itunes software mentioned above or purchase the equipment and monthly subscription to programs such as Sirius. One perk about Sirius is it is 100% commercial free, however it will cost you for the install in addition to parts and subscription Five Wall Street Journal employees review XM and Sirius radio, comparing them favorably with commercial radio and portable MP3 players. They say "it's hard to beat satellite radio" in terms of its programming, although they experienced the signal cutting out frequently, both at home and in the car.

There seems to be an equal share of positives and negatives when it comes to online and satellite radio tuners. As technologies improve so will the tuners and the equipment used to make them function efficiently. Just look at how far we have come already from the days of rabbit ears and dial in radio stations.