XT Satellite Radio Tuner

The Delphi Road-Ready XT (XM) Satellite Radio Tuner is a tiny plug-and-play XM satellite radio receiver which is includes a car kit, seven display colors, and FM-transmitter feature broadcasts to nearby FM radio.  It is probably the smallest and lightest XM satellite radio you can buy. Unfortunately, it has a plug-and-play design and must be used with an XM boombox or a car  or home-docking station. It can be bought XM Radio's online store for $80, but it typically goes for less elsewhere after a subscription-based rebate. A $13-a-month fee is required to access XM Satellite Radio's programming VS a FREE Online Radio Tuner.

Sirius Satellite Radio has Howard Stern, but XM's resident shock jocks, Opie and Anthony, are awfully funny and equally uncensored. (XM used to charge extra for Opie and Anthony, but the show is now free.)  XM is always adding channels, which of the last counted stations came to 160, with 65 commercial-free music stations. The programming choices on XM have grown more adventurous lately, and XM's music channels tend to have less DJ chatter and fewer interruptions than Sirius's.

As mentioned previously, the Delphi Roady XT is ridiculously tiny, measuring only 3.7 inches wide, 2.25 inches high, and 0.615 inch deep, and weighs 2.8 ounces.  There are seven backlit colors for the large display that dominates the front panel. The front panel squeezes in useful controls, including 10 buttons for direct access to XM's channels; you can store up to 30 presets. The Roady XT comes with a car installation kit; for home use, you'll need the Delphi SA10176 Roady XT Home Kit ($50), which includes everything you need to hook up the Roady XT to an A/V receiver or any other audio system with line-in jacks or an FM radio.  Reviewers state that they have had the Roady XT up and running in a matter of minutes. The mini-remote is easy to use, even for clumsy-fingered listeners like us.

The Delphi Roady XT's built-in FM transmitter can broadcast XM channels to any nearby FM radio within 15 or 20 feet. That's a nice feature, especially for cars, but at-home FM fidelity can't match that of a Roady XT wired hookup.

The Delphi Roady XT's sound quality isn't up to CD or even FM-radio standards, but in terms of stereo separation and clarity of treble detail, it was a little better than that of the Sirius SR-H550 home unit. 
But the Roady XT is a great choice if you need the flexible transportability of a plug-and-play XM satellite radio--one subscription, multiple listening venues--at a very affordable price. 

Some user reviews include:  “This unit has everything: Sexy slim design, Multi color display, great reception, Home or Car use, Easy to install.”  However, no recording ability or internal battery for "true" Portability, Can't display channel, Artist and Song (only 2 at a time), no way to silence beep for artist/song memory.”  “I have had to invest a lot of money in this free little gadget. $55.00 for a home kit and $120.00 to get it installed. The wireless FM transmitter sounds horrible. There was always some feed back noise no matter which number I had it set on. This is why I had to get it hardwired in. My husband also had this problem but, his feed back noise was not as much. I do really enjoy the music and the stations. I hope my money that I have spent on it pays off in the long run.”