Web Hosting for Apple -Xserve

Xserve is Apple's name for its line of servers. Since its initial launch (in 1996) until now has been implemented with successive revisions and improvements. Thanks to him you can use variety of applications such as file servers, web servers, or even high-performance applications, etc..

Almost a year ago, Apple put on the market renewed its Xserve and Mac Pro with the new Intel Penryn processors. Several months later noted that Xserve was definitely one of the most powerful machines in the server concerned. The striking thing about the tremendous benefits that were provided physically occupy a minimum space: as a DVD, where the same benefits as the rest occupy a refrigerator.

Perhaps the main drawback was its price and is, something uplifting. Now, according to Apple's website, 2799 €. Despite its Quad Core Xeon processors at 2.8GHz with up to 32GB of RAM, provides a truly special performance.

Media Temple announced shortly after a service allowing to use part of this hardware. And most interestingly, also pointed to users of Mac OSX Leopard Server visualized way through an Xserve-Virtual beta stage. This was achieved through Parallels, insulated by a container a defined amount of resources that were not affected by the use you give to other users of the service. Undoubtedly, it was a good choice to go into accessing something more powerful and stable.

And since very little has reached the final of Spain Xserve with OS X Leopard, since Apple brought directly. RED Inter-URL serves, on an exclusive basis to Spain for 199 € per month. The new technology has a 64-bit processors, supports up to 32GB of memory (this version is 60% faster than before). It also has high rates of reading and access times to files stored on your server.