Vombat Radio - Free Live Online Concerts Radio

Many things are on the line-up of Vombat Radio in the coming month. You should check out what is new so that you can prepare for the new approach to programming that this station is adopting. For starters, it is worth mentioning that the station plays live on ordinary frequencies and online. Streaming has never been easier.

The multimedia system is efficient and highly effective. Upon clicking on the website that hosts Vombat Radio, you need to first change time and date so that it matches with that of your time zone. You should ensure that you have done this properly in order to get the right kind of programming, one that meets your needs.

Masaru Saito is one of the highlights of this station. This is the time when you will get more exposure relating to dub techno than ever before.

This internet station is very famous for playing online concerts that are being performed live. These types of concerts are often referred to as e-concerts. This station is available for even those artists who are not signed. All an artist needs to do is present the music that they want aired. The music should be in the form of a live concert. This seems like the best avenue for upcoming artistes to showcase their talents.

Once the live concerts are made available online, one can play them at will. They can also be easily streamed in order to improve the quality of different multimedia features that have been incorporated into the entire file during composition, conversion, uploading and transmission.

New artists can even present a demo of their upcoming works. This gives the online listeners something to look forward to. From here, it is the responsibility of the artists to ensure that they do not disappoint people who have expressed interest in the work that constitutes the demo.

Hello people!
Here's a little preview of who's going to
play live on Vombat Radio next month.
Much electronica, IDM and down tempo.
Be sure to switch the calendar to your
timezone to display all the dates properly


Wojtek Grabek: electronic/trip hop/ambient on electric violin (17 Jan)

Masaru Saito: electronic/dub techno (18 Jan)

Sweeping Logic: down tempo/electronic (31 Jan)

Please feel invited !
Best regards,
Vombat Radio Team