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Sports are rule-driven competitive activities with the aim of winning based on physical skills and endurance. Sometimes, too, sports are considered games requiring mental acuity, like motor sports. Sometimes, skills in card games and board games are considered mind sports. And sometimes, the physical attributes of the contestants make up a sport; for example, bodybuilders compete based on their physiques and power lifters compete based on their strength. Sports, as much as possible, try to rule out the element of chance, focusing on physical activity, fair play, and accurate records. For something to be considered a sport it has to be organized, involve competition, and show a difference in skills. While, of course, winning is the main aim of sports, sports etiquette asks those who have lost to display grace in the face of defeat, showing a sportsmanlike attitude to opponents and referees. With the evolution of television, it’s possible to enjoy close up views of sporting events that are separated by distance, and sometimes even by time.

WorldTVRadio Tuner sports channel makes it possible to watch any of your favorite sports anywhere in the world on television. For example, those interested in martial arts, can watch contests from stations in the United Kingdom and the United States. Similarly, from the Netherlands, Dutch speakers can watch basketball, handball, horse racing, volleyball, water polo, athletics, and tennis, each broadcast from a channel specializing in covering only that particular sport. There are also many general sports channels, stations covering a wide variety of sports. ABC Sports broadcasts numerous types of sports from Australia. WorldTVRadio brings these sports stations and many others across the world right into your home. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a whole new experience with sports television.

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Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
3 TV Channel 5 FIFAChineseSports200China1880
ABC SportsEnglishSports200Australia97
Alnadi ChannelArabicSports273Lybian Arab Jamahiriya2029
Aqua TVGermanSports400Germany0
Band SportsPortugueseSports150Brazil131
Baseball Channel TVEnglishSports400United States1266
BigPond Football TVEnglishSports200Australia1459
Bigpond SportsEnglishSports200Australia902
BME TV SportsEnglishSports350United Kingdom1177
Boardriders TVEnglishSports500France765
Cable DeportesSpanishSports80Ecuador4954
CCTV 5ChineseSports300China1449
Channel 125 Backyard WrestlingEnglishSports330United States987
Channel 125 Combat TVEnglishSports330United States759
Chipin TVGermanSports200Germany675
DEL TVGermanSports2500Germany0
Dragon TVChineseSports273China2
ESPN Star Stream 1EnglishSports273Philippines218
ESPN Star Stream 2EnglishSports273Philippines67
Eurosport NewsEnglishSports300United Kingdom2441
Eurosport NewsRussianSports320Russian Federation1972
Eurosport TVEnglishSports30United Kingdom4489
Foot Shool TVMultilanguageSports1100Luxembourg1021
Hi-Life TVPortugueseSports2200Portugal1484
J Golf ChannelChineseSports1000China6
Kfish TVKoreanSports273Korea237
KPBN Channel 11EnglishSports120United States386
MAC TV Martial Arts ChannelEnglishSports400United States488
Magic TVGreekSports540Greece915
Martial Arts TVEnglishSports400United Kingdom691
Massive Mag TVGermanSports500Germany603
Megasport TVUkranianSports110Ukraine1273
Michigan Sports TelevisionEnglishSports400United States599
On Top TVEnglishSports273United States550
Only Motors TVEnglishSports800United Kingdom700
Paralympic Sport TVGermanSports350Germany504
PETN TV Sports ChannelGermanSports1000Germany1008
Play TVItalianSports100Italy1905
Quiche TVChineseSports330China0
Race OnlineEnglishSports540United States698
Raceworld TVDutchSports300Netherlands572
RTK 1 Info 17:00AlbanianSports40Albania2
SDTV TY TVChineseSports141China501
Sport Planeta TVRussianSports600Russian Federation1887
Sportal TVEnglishSports440United Kingdom1
Sportal TVEnglishSports440United Kingdom1036
Sportal TVEnglishSports430United Kingdom1343
Sports Channel 1UrduSports56Pakistan2531
Sports TV Channel 10DutchSports800Netherlands2195
Sports TV Channel 11DutchSports800Netherlands1553
Sports TV Channel 12DutchSports800Netherlands1057
Sports TV Channel 2 BasketballDutchSports800Netherlands1056
Sports TV Channel 3 HandbalDutchSports800Netherlands490
Sports TV Channel 4 JockeyDutchSports800Netherlands372
Sports TV Channel 5 KorfbalDutchSports800Netherlands362
Sports TV Channel 6 VolleyballDutchSports800Netherlands423
Sports TV Channel 7 WaterpoloDutchSports800Netherlands325
Sports TV Channel 8 AtletiekDutchSports800Netherlands391
Sports TV Channel 9 TennisDutchSports800Netherlands710
STV SportsRussianSports220Latvia925
Tele Amazonas Deporte TotalSpanishSports100Ecuador2371
Toulouse Football Club TFC TVFrenchSports194France19
TSN Sports CenterEnglishSports500Canada1040
WHL Web TVEnglishSports400Canada441
Xin TV Channel 3ChineseSports200China633
YS MBCKoreanSports350Korea258

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