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Shopping is often affectionately called retail therapy. A shopping list, dated around 125 AD, was discovered near Hadrian’s wall. Since then, things have not slowed down a bit. Shopping is much more than a necessary chore to handle the business of life. It’s often considered a recreational activity, a diversion from the more pressing issues of human life. Window shoppers like to look at what they would like to buy. Early adopter shoppers wake up early in the morning and wait long hours in line for a shop with special discounts to open. Seasonal shoppers are part of the shop-till-you-drop club, combing malls and stores during holiday seasons. Besides traditional shopping, shopping online and shopping on television networks is very popular. Today, all over the world, there are television channels dedicated to help people shop from their homes. Buying on these shopping networks is as simple as picking up the telephone, paying with a credit card, and having the product drop shipped to your doorstep.

WorldTVRadio Tuner channels offer many shopping channels from around the world. Whether you want to shop QVC TV from Germany or QVC TV UK from England or QVC TV USA from the United States, it’s easy to do. Shopping has never been easier. Many countries, many shops, many languages--what else could you ask for? These television shows cover both general merchandise and specialty products. Whatever you need to buy from the world of shopping television, WorldTVRadio Tuner has got you covered with its many stations. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a whole new shopping experience.

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Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
1-2-3 TVGermanShopping200Germany2271
Arutz TVHebrewShopping392Israel946
AVC TV Americas Value ChannelEnglishShopping300United States320
Bestseller TVGermanShopping350Germany2
Bid-Up TVEnglishShopping220United Kingdom222
Buy Customes TVEnglishShopping300United States131
Create and CraftEnglishShopping350United Kingdom100
Der SchmuckkanalGermanShopping500Germany396
ET Mall TV Channel 1ChineseShopping150Taiwan308
ET Mall TV Channel 2ChineseShopping150Taiwan122
ET Mall TV Channel 3ChineseShopping500Taiwan184
Expo ChannelEnglishShopping300Australia372
Gems TVGermanShopping500Germany0
Gems TVEnglishShopping380United Kingdom211
Gems TV 2EnglishShopping380United Kingdom92
Golf Shop ChannelEnglishShopping350United States123
Hmall TVKoreanShopping500Korea115
HSE 24GermanShopping300Germany545
HSE 24 DigitalGermanShopping300Germany623
HSN TelevisionEnglishShopping748United States154
I Buy TVEnglishShopping350United Kingdom94
Ideal Vitality TVEnglishShopping100United Kingdom125
Ideal World TVEnglishShopping350United Kingdom168
Jewelry TVEnglishShopping300United States153
Knife and Gun ChannelEnglishShopping300United States272
Lahse TVEnglishShopping102United States106
Liberty TVDutchShopping400Belgium478
Live Ireland TVEnglishShopping150Ireland433
Media Shopping TVItalianShopping250Italy303
Mir TVRussianShopping300Russian Federation2554
Price-Drop TVEnglishShopping220United Kingdom116
Primetime TVGermanShopping300Germany596
Promocja TVPolishShopping382Poland1529
QVC TVGermanShopping350Germany659
QVC TV UKEnglishShopping350United Kingdom138
QVC TV USAEnglishShopping280United States146
RTL Shop TVGermanShopping700Germany1000
Shop at Home TVEnglishShopping291United States97
Shop at Home TVEnglishShopping300United States147
Shop TourPortugueseShopping273Brazil678
Shop TVEnglishShopping36Canada584
Shop TVEnglishShopping400United States149
Shopping TVTurkishShopping200Turkey151
Speed Auction TVEnglishShopping220United Kingdom189
SpiritON TVGermanShopping300Germany395
Superstore TVEnglishShopping500United Kingdom0
Thane Direct TVEnglishShopping100United Kingdom2
The Knot TVEnglishShopping300United States102
The Shopping ChannelEnglishShopping540Canada134
TV ShopGermanShopping350Germany329
TV Shop UKEnglishShopping300United Kingdom177
TV VentasSpanishShopping102Ecuador693
TVSN Shopping ChannelEnglishShopping300Australia281

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