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Politics is a word derived from the Greek word “politika.” And this in turn comes from Aristotle’s book, “Affairs of State,” which describes how a state should be governed. Politics is how a group of people make decisions that serve the public interest. Those involved with politics, whether it is the leader of the country, a President or a Prime Minister, or whether a representative of a group of people, a Senator or a Parliamentary member, have the difficult task of developing social reforms, regulating political units, and deciding on social issues, foreign relations, and economic policy.

WorldTVRadio Tuner politics and government channel offer television for those interested in political deliberations. These are not mere news coverage, but direct coverage of political debates as they occur in the various house of representatives in different countries. For example, in the United Kingdom, you can tune into BBC Parliament and BBC The Daily Politics; in the United States, C-Span 1, C-Span 2, and C-Span 3; in Brazil, TV Senado 1 and TV Senado 2; and in Australia, the Parliament of Australia. Unlike expensive networks, WorldTVRadio Tuner brings you this coverage from around the world on TV for free. Regardless of your country, your preferred language, or your political system, you can find debates that are relevant to your political concerns.

WorldTVRadio Tuner for politics and government offers some of the best TV stations in the world and broadcasts their best coverage direct into your home. This gives you a bird’s eye view of the political processes in your country and other related nations, too. You can stay in touch with events as they happen around the world. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a whole new view of politics-in-action.

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Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
24 CZ TVCzechPolitics & Gov.400Czech Republic887
Althingi TVIcelandicPolitics & Gov.330Iceland0
ANTVSpanishPolitics & Gov.100Venezuela1599
AR TV Canal ParlamentoPortuguesePolitics & Gov.110Portugal425
Assemblee legislative Nouveau BrunswickFrenchPolitics & Gov.160Canada396
BBC ParliamentEnglishPolitics & Gov.220United Kingdom204
BBC The Daily PoliticsEnglishPolitics & Gov.36United Kingdom537
C-Span 1EnglishPolitics & Gov.100United States708
C-Span 2EnglishPolitics & Gov.100United States301
C-Span 3EnglishPolitics & Gov.100United States254
Camera dei DiputatiItalianPolitics & Gov.100Italy414
Canal del CongresoSpanishPolitics & Gov.100Peru702
Canal del CongresoSpanishPolitics & Gov.220Mexico469
Canal del ParlamentoSpanishPolitics & Gov.220Spain498
CD TV Camara de Diputados TelevisionSpanishPolitics & Gov.200Chile742
CPAC EnglishEnglishPolitics & Gov.320Canada277
CPAC FloorEnglishPolitics & Gov.320Canada76
CPAC FrenchFrenchPolitics & Gov.320Canada514
Dail EireannEnglishPolitics & Gov.1100Ireland296
Folketinget TVDanishPolitics & Gov.150Denmark503
House TVEnglishPolitics & Gov.225United States427
Knesset TVHebrewPolitics & Gov.100Israel519
KPAS 56EnglishPolitics & Gov.242United States45
L.A. City View Channel 35EnglishPolitics & Gov.80United States593
LCP - Assembl?e NationaleFrenchPolitics & Gov.150France559
Legislative Assembly New BrunswickEnglishPolitics & Gov.160Canada50
Lok SabhaEnglishPolitics & Gov.50India0
Michigan House of RepresentativesEnglishPolitics & Gov.220United States74
NOS Politiek 24DutchPolitics & Gov.800Netherlands91
Oireachtas MultiscreenEnglishPolitics & Gov.1100Ireland210
Parlament - NationalratGermanPolitics & Gov.200Switzerland172
Parlament - St?nderatGermanPolitics & Gov.200Switzerland113
Parliament of AustraliaEnglishPolitics & Gov.100Australia227
Riigikogu ChannelEstonianPolitics & Gov.260Estonia250
SEJM Sali posiedzen SejmuPolishPolitics & Gov.100Poland1329
Senado TVSpanishPolitics & Gov.36Argentina721
Senat de Belgique TVFrenchPolitics & Gov.226Belgium292
Senat de Belgique TV - DutchFrenchPolitics & Gov.226Belgium247
Senat TVFrenchPolitics & Gov.350France488
Senato della RepubblicaItalianPolitics & Gov.100Italy122
TV AsambleiaPortuguesePolitics & Gov.102Brazil362
TV Assembleia Legislativa / SCPortuguesePolitics & Gov.200Brazil242
TV CamaraPortuguesePolitics & Gov.100Brazil439
TV SenadoSpanishPolitics & Gov.150Chile371
TV Senado 1PortuguesePolitics & Gov.150Brazil435
TV Senado 2PortuguesePolitics & Gov.150Brazil272

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