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Music comes from the Greek root word “mousike” which means “the art of the Muses.” Ancient Greek philosophers believed that if the tones were ordered horizontally, they were melodic; if vertically, harmonic. Modern musicians define music as pitch, rhythm, and dynamics. Pitch rules melody and harmony. Rhythm directs tempo, meter, and articulation. And dynamics govern timbre and texture. Ultimately, what is “music to your ears” is culturally-derived meaning. This is why there is rarely a consensus about the best music. What really matters is that you listen to the music that you like.

WorldTVRadio Tuner music channel offers something for every musical taste under the sun: from progressive to hard rock, from hip-hop to jazz, and from ballads to country--and everything else in-between. Whether you like your music slow or fast, soft or loud, traditional or contemporary, national or cosmopolitan, you can find it here. Whether you speak Dutch, Russian, English, Italian, Turkish, French, Belgian, or Hungarian, you can find it here. Whether you like stations from Netherlands, Russia, United States, Italy, Turkey, Haiti, Australia, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, France, Germany, or Belgium, you can find it here. WorldTVRadio Tuner for music offers numerous television channels for different musical styles, languages, and countries. There’s something for everyone.

WorldTVRadio Tuner for music offers some of the best TV stations in the world and broadcasts their most popular music. This gives you an international awareness and keeps you in touch with musical traditions all around the world. Whether you like classic or rock music, WorldTVTuner has got you covered and is keeping you in touch with the latest musicians and bands. It’s your musical variety show in a comprehensive package. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a whole new music experience.

:: World TVRT Online TV channels Type :: Music Television

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Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
3Voor12 TV CentralDutchMusic Television800Netherlands534
3Voor12 TV On StageDutchMusic Television800Netherlands399
A-One TVRussianMusic Television260Russian Federation1855
Africa Hit Music TVEnglishMusic Television222United States1169
All Music TVItalianMusic Television240Italy2283
Alternative TVEnglishMusic Television154United States941
America Free TV - Music Videos ChannelEnglishMusic Television300United States2330
Arma TVTurkishMusic Television141Turkey307
Bahane TVTurkishMusic Television273Turkey265
Bamboch TVFrenchMusic Television323Haiti1001
BigPond Music TVEnglishMusic Television900Australia1192
Black Sea TVBulgarianMusic Television300Bulgaria1223
BME TV MusicEnglishMusic Television350United Kingdom913
Bonobo TVEnglishMusic Television800United Kingdom427
Booster TVFrenchMusic Television280France1068
Canal TVFrenchMusic Television273France2155
CanalmozaFrenchMusic Television300France873
CCTV 3ChineseMusic Television900China492
Classic FM TVEnglishMusic Television400United Kingdom696
Clipland TVGermanMusic Television350Germany797
Clubb TVFrenchMusic Television273France2
CM TV El Canal de la MusicaSpanishMusic Television1000Argentina3920
Compasillo VisualSpanishMusic Television300Dominican Republic891
CTV 24SpanishMusic Television150United States617
Cybertica TV - TropicalFrenchMusic Television512France1012
Cybertica TV UrbanFrenchMusic Television512France0
Deejay TVItalianMusic Television242Italy962
Deluxe MusicEnglishMusic Television600United Kingdom1073
Deluxe Music TVGermanMusic Television450Germany8
Deluxe Music TV Stream 2GermanMusic Television300Germany6
Donna VideoGermanMusic Television220Belgium778
Dzhina TVBulgarianMusic Television300Bulgaria702
E-Klub TVHungarianMusic Television550Hungary0
E-Music TelevisionEnglishMusic Television220United Kingdom1346
e-Music TVEnglishMusic Television220United Kingdom1353
EA TV Evolving Artist TelevisionEnglishMusic Television273United States336
Echo TV GlobalGreekMusic Television200Greece395
ENTV DJ NetworkEnglishMusic Television110United States387
Eskuvo TV Stream 1HungarianMusic Television331Hungary0
Fazz TVFrenchMusic Television1000France870
Festival TVDutchMusic Television700Netherlands736
Fix TVHungarianMusic Television1000Hungary531
Full Arts TVHungarianMusic Television120Hungary291
Guasca TVSpanishMusic Television300Colombia1925
Hip Hop TVBulgarianMusic Television1100Bulgaria2242
Hip-Hop TelevisionFrenchMusic Television512France2003
IMTV Islami Muzic TelevisionTurkishMusic Television100Turkey405
Invincible TVEnglishMusic Television300United Kingdom335
Ivorian TVFrenchMusic Television300Ivory Coast1036
JC TVEnglishMusic Television300United States218
Karibbean TVFrenchMusic Television256France908
Kiss TelevisionSpanishMusic Television200Spain3603
KRIB TVEnglishMusic Television100United States238
KuLaK's WoodshedEnglishMusic Television500United States170
Labelle TVFrenchMusic Television400France1182
M1 Station TVPortugueseMusic Television180Brazil907
MAD TVGreekMusic Television250Greece2
Magic TVItalianMusic Television56Italy1082
MBOA TVFrenchMusic Television350France666
MCM Top TVFrenchMusic Television750France1821
MDQ TelewebSpanishMusic Television100Argentina981
Megaradio Web TVSerbianMusic Television500Bosnia and Herzegovina565
Mezz TVEnglishMusic Television102United States338
Ministry of Sound TVEnglishMusic Television300United Kingdom502
Mizik TVFrenchMusic Television330France1178
MMC TVKurdishMusic Television250Iraq264
Mogyoro Club Dance DJHungarianMusic Television50Hungary670
MTV BrasilPortugueseMusic Television200Brazil5528
MTV ChinaChineseMusic Television300China1237
MTV UEnglishMusic Television700United States2621
Mulivan TVFrenchMusic Television460France653
Music BoxSlovakMusic Television1100Slovak Republic827
O TV MusicUkranianMusic Television150Ukraine873
Oh! Sama TVJapaneseMusic Television300Japan1266
Okto TVCzechMusic Television787Czech Republic804
On Top TVDutchMusic Television273Netherlands511
OPA TVGreekMusic Television150Canada0
Paprika TVSlovenianMusic Television330Slovenia568
Party TVRomanianMusic Television250Romania927
PETN TV JMTGermanMusic Television750Germany299
PETN TV Music ChannelGermanMusic Television1000Germany742
Play TVSlovenianMusic Television1000Slovenia661
Pro Line TVBulgarianMusic Television300Bulgaria727
QOOB TVItalianMusic Television300Italy329
Radio Italia TelevisionItalianMusic Television90Italy783
Radio SNJ TVItalianMusic Television300Italy210
Radio Web Caribe TVSpanishMusic Television160Colombia1288
Rede CBSPortugueseMusic Television131Brazil1
Rede TV 10PortugueseMusic Television200Brazil3194
Reggae Sun TVEnglishMusic Television100Jamaica4
RMF Maxxx TVPolishMusic Television400Poland5726
Rock Me TVEnglishMusic Television540United States869
Rock Me TV CountryEnglishMusic Television540United States497
Rock Me TV Hard Hip-Hop Boot CampEnglishMusic Television540United States545
Rock Me TV Hard NewsEnglishMusic Television540United States390
Rock Me TV Hard RockEnglishMusic Television540United States767
Rock Me TV Hip-HopEnglishMusic Television540United States620
Rock Television 70s RockItalianMusic Television355Italy569
Rock Television 80s RockItalianMusic Television355Italy520
Rock Television 90s RockItalianMusic Television355Italy440
Rock Television Hard & Heavy RockItalianMusic Television355Italy471
Rock Television Neo RockItalianMusic Television355Italy254
Rock Television Progressive RockItalianMusic Television355Italy346
Rock Television Soft & BaladsItalianMusic Television355Italy379
Romusic TVRomanianMusic Television200Romania946
Rrokum TVAlbanianMusic Television540Albania3401
RTL 102.5 TVItalianMusic Television150Italy774
RTV ChannelDutchMusic Television440Netherlands474
Ruparty TVGermanMusic Television314Germany0
Screem TV Country ChannelEnglishMusic Television512United States342
Screem TV Hip-Hop ChannelEnglishMusic Television512United States584
Screem TV Latin ChannelEnglishMusic Television512United States449
Screem TV Rock ChannelEnglishMusic Television512United States423
Screem TV World ChannelEnglishMusic Television512United States260
Skreem TV Country ChannelMultilanguageMusic Television512Germany0
Skreem TV Hip-Hop ChannelMultilanguageMusic Television512Germany0
Skreem TV Latin ChannelMultilanguageMusic Television512Germany0
Skreem TV Rock ChannelMultilanguageMusic Television512Germany0
Skreem TV World ChannelGermanMusic Television576Germany0
Slam TVDutchMusic Television1120Netherlands411
Smart TVCroatianMusic Television540Croatia0
Soleil TVFrenchMusic Television300France1362
Solo Tango TVSpanishMusic Television300Argentina6
Som Luso TVPortugueseMusic Television300Portugal527
Sony Music TVJapaneseMusic Television300Japan1683
Special RadioRussianMusic Television273Russian Federation493
Street Clip TVGermanMusic Television1000Germany972
STV MusicRussianMusic Television220Latvia595
STV Music AllRussianMusic Television150Latvia532
STV Music Channel 2RussianMusic Television220Latvia442
SunVibZ TVFrenchMusic Television256France0
Tele Pa Nou Music VideosFrenchMusic Television273Haiti766
TeleblagonFrenchMusic Television354France611
Teleclub Colombia GuascaSpanishMusic Television168Colombia1489
Teleclub Colombia PopSpanishMusic Television168Colombia1621
Teleclub Colombia RomanticaSpanishMusic Television168Colombia2032
Teleclub Colombia TropicalSpanishMusic Television168Colombia1701
Teletaxi TVSpanishMusic Television150Spain1446
The VoiceSwedishMusic Television400Sweden519
The Voice TVSwedishMusic Television150Sweden424
Tiscali TV - MusicEnglishMusic Television220United Kingdom317
TMF The Music FactoryDutchMusic Television880Netherlands5
TMF TV The Music FactoryGermanMusic Television1500Belgium683
Tropicalisima SatelitalSpanishMusic Television85Argentina1
Tros Sterren TVDutchMusic Television500Netherlands387
Tunespoon TVGermanMusic Television384Germany518
TV CaraibeFrenchMusic Television760France1341
TV ConciertosSpanishMusic Television300Spain2084
TV FlyPolishMusic Television198Poland1853
TV GypsyBulgarianMusic Television500Bulgaria825
TV MadaFrenchMusic Television273Madagascar798
TV Mundial CBSPortugueseMusic Television150Brazil4
TV RockPortugueseMusic Television150Brazil1634
TV UEnglishMusic Television200United States241
TV WapSterPolishMusic Television225Poland2059
VideolinaItalianMusic Television273Italy882
VideoMAXSpanishMusic Television150Puerto Rico2132
VideoMax Canal 52SpanishMusic Television141Puerto Rico1731
VideorolaSpanishMusic Television450Mexico2446
Viva TVBulgarianMusic Television300Bulgaria1816
Web TV Clips Maresia FMPortugueseMusic Television225Brazil1582
WFMHebrewMusic Television300Israel646
WIM TV 1RussianMusic Television120Russian Federation903
WIM TV 2RussianMusic Television120Russian Federation400
WIM TV 3RussianMusic Television120Russian Federation321
WIM TV 4RussianMusic Television120Russian Federation461
Womb TVEnglishMusic Television150United States304
Word on da StreetsEnglishMusic Television250United States328
Worm TVGermanMusic Television150Germany990
WPTV MuzikaPolishMusic Television400Poland3143
Wuerfelzucker TVGermanMusic Television500Germany1
YourVida TVPortugueseMusic Television350Portugal565
Z TVSwedishMusic Television540Sweden763

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