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Films, known as movies in the United States and cinema in Europe, are art forms, cultural artifacts that both reflect a culture and also influence it. They can be either entertaining, inspiring, or informative because the visual and auditory elements mimic real experiences. Films can be used to educate, entertain, or indoctrinate. When some films attain international fame, they are often dubbed or subtitled to translate dialogue. In the ancient time of the druids, the Druidic magicians used a wood from the Holly tree to create their magic wands, and today Hollywood spins a new magic for the modern age.

WorldTVRadio Tuner gives you access to TV stations from many countries for watching movies. America Free TV is in English, featuring channels for different movie genres, including adventure, classics, crime, horror, Indy movies, mystery, western, comedy, and drama. Movies are also available in Chinese, Dutch, German, Romanian and French. These come from TV stations where those languages are spoken. If you wish to watch something in Chinese, for example, you can access movies from China and Taiwan. Similarly, if you speak Dutch, you can watch a TV station from the Netherlands and if you speak Romanian, you can watch a TV station from Romania.

WorldTVRadio Tuner for movies offers some of the best TV stations in the world and broadcasts their popular movies. This gives you a global perspective and informs you about cultures all around the world. For example, a French speaker can enjoy movies made in France, but can also enjoy avant-garde movies made in other French speaking countries. WorldTVTuner makes you a citizen of the world. It’s your gateway to a new perspective. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a whole new movie experience.

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Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Alfa Omega MoviesRomanianMovies Channel200Romania2471
America Free TV - Adventure ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1100United States3297
America Free TV - Classic Movies ChannelEnglishMovies Channel300United States3835
America Free TV - Classics ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1100United States1843
America Free TV - Crime ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1100United States2037
America Free TV - DimensionB ChannelEnglishMovies Channel300United States1174
America Free TV - Espana ChannelEnglishMovies Channel500United States1536
America Free TV - Halloween ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1000United States1474
America Free TV - Horror ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1000United States2538
America Free TV - Indymovies ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1000United States1306
America Free TV - Mistery ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1100United States1280
America Free TV - Western ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1000United States1414
BJ IPTVChineseMovies Channel400China1
CCTV 6ChineseMovies Channel900China1326
Chengdu TV 4 FilmChineseMovies Channel300China1621
Comedy ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1000United States1686
Drama and Cop ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1000United States971
GNF Movie ChannelEnglishMovies Channel273United States1749
Hollywood TVChineseMovies Channel270Taiwan2719
Horror ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1000United States2728
Indie Filmakers ChannelEnglishMovies Channel500United States757
Maxx-xsDutchMovies Channel800Netherlands3930
mOOvee TVEnglishMovies Channel1200United Kingdom1467
Movies On DemandEnglishMovies Channel700United States2217
Nostalgie NetDutchMovies Channel540Netherlands923
PETN TV Movie ChannelGermanMovies Channel1000Germany1825
Reel Good TVEnglishMovies Channel360United States1193
SciFi ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1000United States2075
Star MoviesChineseMovies Channel450Taiwan2587
TV 2 CinemaFrenchMovies Channel300Ivory Coast3868
Western ChannelEnglishMovies Channel1000United States1013
Western TVGermanMovies Channel560Germany2463
WPTV FilmPolishMovies Channel350Poland6397

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