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Turkish, predominantly spoken in Turkey and Cyprus, is spoken by an estimated 70 million people. Besides Turkey and Cyprus, it is also spoken in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Syria, Serbia, Russia, Romania, Palestine, Montenegro, Moldova, the Republic of Macedonia, Lebanon, Kosovo, Jordan, Iraq, Hungary, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, and Albania. In addition, it is spoken by several million immigrant populations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, and Austria. Turkish is an ancient language originating from Central Asia, with the written language going back 1,200 years. It spread across the world due to the expansion of the Ottoman Empire, and Ottoman Turkish was the administrative and literary language of this dominion. However, in an attempt to align the Republic of Turkey with the Western powers, in 1928, Ataturk’s reforms changed the structure of the language, replacing the Ottoman script that had been used for centuries with a Latin alphabet. In addition, Arabic and Persian words that had become part of Turkish vocabulary were cut from the language in favor of words with native Turkic roots. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Turkish channels offer numerous stations broadcasting directly from Turkey and Cyprus. Viewers can enjoy a variety of channels in Turkish from news and talk shows like 24 TV, general stations like Expo Channel, music broadcasts like IMTV Islami Muzic Television, cultural channels like Bilim TV, religious programs like Hakk TV, shopping networks like Shopping TV, and kids television like Yumucak TV. Whatever your particular interests, you’re likely to find your favorite programs on this unique internet streaming service. Try it at no-cost today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for an ample assortment of Turkish television stations.

:: World TVRT Online TV channels in :: Turkish

Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
24 TVTurkishNews/Talk102Turkey727
Adana Kanal ATurkishGeneral Station150Turkey467
Admin TVTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey264
Ahi TVTurkishGeneral Station102Turkey239
Akilli TVTurkishGeneral Station90Turkey447
Alayan TVTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey199
Arma TVTurkishMusic Television141Turkey307
ART TVTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey545
ATA TVTurkishGeneral Station300Turkey345
ATVTurkishGeneral Station56Turkey584
AY TVTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey117
Aydin Ay TVTurkishGeneral Station80Turkey234
Bahane TVTurkishMusic Television273Turkey265
Belgesel TVTurkishGeneral Station120Turkey112
Bilim TVTurkishCultural300Turkey219
BRT 1 Bayrak TelevizyonTurkishGeneral Station143Cyprus542
BRT 2 Bayrak TelevizyonTurkishGeneral Station143Cyprus381
Cay TVTurkishGeneral Station50Turkey341
Dogu TVTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey113
Dost TVTurkishGeneral Station112Turkey142
Dream TVTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey424
Edirne TVTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey113
Elasig Kanal 23TurkishGeneral Station80Turkey217
Elif TVTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey135
Eskisehir Kanal 26TurkishGeneral Station102Turkey97
Expo ChannelTurkishGeneral Station200Turkey134
Gun TVTurkishGeneral Station200Turkey161
Guney TVTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey168
Hakk TVTurkishReligious100Turkey119
Hatay HRT TVTurkishGeneral Station102Turkey96
Hilal TVTurkishGeneral Station150Turkey128
IMTV Islami Muzic TelevisionTurkishMusic Television100Turkey405
Izmir TVTurkishGeneral Station102Turkey192
Kackar TVTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey101
Kanal 1TurkishGeneral Station56Turkey409
Kanal AvrupaTurkishGeneral Station200Turkey160
Kanal BTurkishGeneral Station150Turkey155
Kanal DTurkishGeneral Station300Turkey644
Kanal ETurkishGeneral Station250Turkey124
Kanal MaviTurkishGeneral Station128Turkey148
Karadeniz TVTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey92
Karesi TVTurkishGeneral Station102Turkey97
Kayseri Kanal 38TurkishGeneral Station141Turkey81
Kirsehir TVTurkishGeneral Station102Turkey89
Malatya Gunes TVTurkishGeneral Station102Turkey0
Malatya TV MTurkishGeneral Station102Turkey0
Marmara TVTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey161
Mehtap TVTurkishGeneral Station200Turkey105
Mersin Sun TVTurkishGeneral Station102Turkey7
MMC TVTurkishGeneral Station150Turkey175
ODTU TVTurkishCultural300Turkey201
Sanliurfa Guneydogu TVTurkishGeneral Station102Turkey0
Shopping TVTurkishShopping200Turkey151
TJK TVTurkishOther500Turkey389
Trabzon Kanal Mavi TVTurkishGeneral Station102Turkey0
TRT 1TurkishGeneral Station100Turkey533
TRT 2TurkishGeneral Station100Turkey161
TRT 4TurkishGeneral Station100Turkey162
TRT INTTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey196
Turkmeneli TVTurkishGeneral Station150Iraq133
TV 41TurkishGeneral Station100Turkey146
TV MalatyaTurkishGeneral Station100Turkey157
VTV Kanal VIPTurkishGeneral Station150Turkey150
WTC TV AnkaraTurkishFinancial News100Turkey176
Yumurcak TVTurkishKids150Turkey801
Zile TVTurkishGeneral Station150Turkey275

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