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An official language in five different countries including not only Slovenia, but also the European Union, Austria, Hungary and Italy, Slovenian, or as it is more commonly known, Slovene is a member of the South Slavic language family with a history that dates back to around 1000 CE. Much like the people of Slovenia, the Slovenian language has had some rough patches throughout its history, the most recent being World War II when the Axis Powers tried to suppress the language. After the war, however, when Slovenia became a part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia the Slovenian language was named as one of the official languages and its rich history was allowed to continue. Slovenia gained its independence in 1991, and today the Slovenian language is spoken by almost 2.5 million people worldwide. If you speak Slovenian and would like to keep up to date on what's happening in your native country WorldTVRadio Tuner is your solution. With eight television stations streamed from the country of Slovenia t your home computer. And best of all, WorldTVRadio Tuner is availablēŸ” absolutely free! With WorldTVRadio Yuner you have access to great general stations, such as TV Pika, TV Koper Capadistria and TV Slo 1 that provide sports coverage, dramas and family programming in the Slovenian language. We also give you access to news and talk on TV Slovenija Novice and TV slovenija Porocila so you can stay up to date on the political and social situation in the country of Slovenia. And if you are a music lover, Paprika TV and Play TV will give you access to what's popular in the Slovenia music scene. So visit WorldTVRadio Tuner today and see the difference live streaming Internet TV can make.

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Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Paprika TVSlovenianMusic Television330Slovenia568
Play TVSlovenianMusic Television1000Slovenia661
TV Koper CapodistriaSlovenianGeneral Station225Slovenia187
TV Koper CapodistriaSlovenianGeneral Station450Slovenia179
TV PikaSlovenianGeneral Station307Slovenia551
TV Slo 1SlovenianGeneral Station350Slovenia329
TV Slovenija NoviceSlovenianNews/Talk121Slovenia221
TV Slovenija PorocilaSlovenianNews/Talk121Slovenia200

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