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Serbian, which is an official language not only Serbia, but also Bosnia/Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, is spoken by more than 12 million people worldwide. A member of the Indo European family of languages, Serbian draws its roots from the Slavic language. More commonly known as the Serbo-Croatian language, the Serbian language as it is spoken today began to take shape around the end of the 14th century when the Ottoman Empire conquered the Serbs. In fact, many historians consider this time to be the greatest in Serbian history, as it produced a wide array of great literary works, including popular Serbian Epic Poetry into the Serbs oral history. If you speak the Serbian language and have a love for the culture, WorldTVRadio Tuner is the answer you your entertainment needs. We offer more than a dozen Serbian television stations that broadcast from countries where Serbian is the native tongue so you can have up to date information about the language and its people. Our Serbian television lineup includes great general stations, such as Vikom TV , FTV and TV Slon Extra which broadcast great family programming as well as sports from Bosnia Herzegovina as well as news and talk stations NTV Hyat Korak and HTV Hyat Centralni Dnevnik which provide up the minute coverage of Serbian news. We even provide a kids station, Kanal D TV, so the little ones can watch their favorite Serbian programming. And WorldTVRadio Tuner streams directly to your computer so you can catch your favorite Serbian programming from anywhere in the world. So try WorldTVRadio Tuner for free today and see the difference live, streaming television can make.

:: World TVRT Online TV channels in :: Serbian

Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
B-92 TVSerbianGeneral Station100338
FTVSerbianGeneral Station560Bosnia and Herzegovina700
Kanal D TVSerbianKids100913
Megaradio Web TVSerbianMusic Television500Bosnia and Herzegovina565
NTV Hayat Centralni DnevnikSerbianNews/Talk50Bosnia and Herzegovina2
NTV Hayat KorakSerbianNews/Talk50Bosnia and Herzegovina0
NTV Hayat Vijesti U 7SerbianNews/Talk50Bosnia and Herzegovina1
RTRS TVSerbianGeneral Station160Bosnia and Herzegovina492
RTS TV 1 Radio Televizija Srbije 1SerbianGeneral Station150281
RTS TV 2 Radio Televizija Srbije 2SerbianGeneral Station150229
RTV PinkSerbianGeneral Station300503
TV Slon ExtraSerbianGeneral Station250Bosnia and Herzegovina602
Vikom TVSerbianGeneral Station150Bosnia and Herzegovina474

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